Review: Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal 2.0

A few lovely boxes of unreleased super VIP product came to Celiac and the Beast’s mailbox the other day. Thank you Glutenfreeda! I had so much fun with their oatmeal review last time, that I can’t wait to share these exciting new flavors with you. I know some of you were wondering about what’s next for this oatmeal – so read on. These two new products will be available in this second half of this year.

Two new flavors arrived at my doorstep – Strawberries and Brown Sugar with Flax, and Cranberry Cinnamon with Flax. The first thing I thought of was – strawberries? In instant oatmeal? It was great to see new fun flavors in oatmeal that weren’t just made for kids (who can forget the dinosaur egg Quaker oatmeal?).

Let me start with the least favorite flavor of the two – I hate to say loser, but in my book dried cranberries aren’t the champions of the dried fruit universe. I admit it, I was once a dried cranberry fanatic – I ate Crasins like it was going out of style (not sure about the current style ranking of dried fruit in 2012). But, my tastes have changed, and I think I’m officially putting dried cranberries in my “things I now dislike” list along with raisins (see last oatmeal review). Cranberries have that thick skin, which translated to harder-to-chew. The size of the cranberries though is pretty decent – take a look.

As always, their oat base is very tasty – I like the cinnamon base just like I like the maple base in the past review. I’m not sure if I can tell a huge difference, but I do like both – cinnamon and maple.

So, I’m not overwhelmed by the taste of this new oatmeal, and it’s the cranberries’ fault. I’m not sure I would like any dried cranberry in oatmeal, so it’s hard to know if it’s just this brand or not. If you are still on a dried cranberry bandwagon, then I’d recommend this new flavor. For me, and my dislike of cranberries, it is probably my least favorite of all the Glutenfreeda oatmeals I’ve tried so far. I’m giving it 2 out of 5 wheat stalks, because I’m just not diggin’ cranberries as an add-in.

[ratings wheat=”2″]

Now you’re going to hear about my love affair with the Strawberries and Brown Sugar with Flax. If you’ve been dreaming and hoping for more fruit flavors in instant oatmeal, Glutenfreeda answered your calls. This is a very sweet flavor of oatmeal – not as overpowering as some kid-variety of oatmeals, but sweeter than my stand-by Apple Cinnamon. It’s pretty tasty. The strawberries pop with flavor against the brown sugar backdrop. Knowing that they are little freeze-dried strawberries makes me happy that I’m putting something good in my mouth – not any artificial dinosaur eggs. I mean, check out these ingredients!

When we were in Chicago for the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo, we were rushed for breakfast (me? go figure…) and were forced to make hotel coffeepot oatmeal. Side note, I recommend that every new (and tenured) Celiac traveler brings oatmeal with them to make with hot water from the hotel room coffee pot. We brought a box of Glutenfreeda oatmeal and I brought along some of the new flavors. The Non-GFBF had the Strawberry flavor and really enjoyed it – even better than my Apple favorite!

My only gripe is that the strawberries aren’t bigger. They are freeze-dried, so I understand that they are small, I just wanted more of it! I’m definitely giving this flavor 4.5 out of 5 wheat stalks. If you don’t go buy a box of this when it comes out, consider yourself missing out on a great new flavor.

[ratings wheat=”4.5″]

I hope Glutenfreeda keeps innovating their product flavors. My Non-GFBF would love to see a pecan add-in, and I’d like to see blueberry next on their list. What do you think about these two new fruit add-ins? What fruit do you think fits perfectly in oatmeal, and what would you like to see next?


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