Review: Dogfish Head Tweason’ale Gluten Free Beer

I know that you guys have been waiting for my review of Dogfish Head’s Tweason’ale. I could just never find this beer! I knew it was sold in Arizona, but I finally found them sold by the bottle at AJ’s. I don’t even remember how much this was for a single – but I know it’s not cheap. I think it’s at least $3 a bottle. I would love to see this sold in packs – I’m assuming that’s how it is everywhere else (the website says it’s sold in 4 packs).

My love letter to Dogfish Head: I love you Dogfish Head – craft brewers make my heart sing. I love you for making Tweason’ale. Tweason’ale, you taste like strawberries and sorghum and honey and caring. You taste like beer (kind of). And your label is the most adorable thing ever. I would drink you again.

From their website, the founder/president said, “It seems as if lots of folks who have gluten-tolerance issues are pining for an interesting beer. While there are a few well-made examples that mirror traditional beer styles, there arent any off-centered offerings.” This one is definitely off-center.

I noticed on the site they said that it’s wine comparable to rose. And I love rose, which is probably why I like this. I was surprised that Non-GFBF liked this because he’s not a fan of rose. But, I also think he misses craft beer so much that he’s willing to compromise his love for IPAs with this crafty light strawberryness.

I’m not great at pinning down tastes for beer, I feel like I’m more of a wine snob than beer. But to me, it’s almost like a cider because it’s so light and fruity, but it doesn’t leave me with a sugary-sweet headache like most ciders do. It’s like a bubbly rose cider mix, but still a little malty/wheaty from the sorghum.

They said it’s best paired with fatty fish, dried fruit, and salted nuts. I say it pairs well with a hatred of gluten.

If you want to see the most magical, mouth-watering process, see how it’s made here

It’s available in these states: AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, VA, VT, WA.

It has the label that it is certified gluten-free, but they told me that they do test their beer (just not sure how) and  I just can’t find the data to back it up. I would love to know more about that process, but I trust the seal.

No, it’s not Omission, but it’s also made from non-gluten-containing ingredients. No debate needed.

[ratings wheat=”4″]

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