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***EDITED 8/25 – Sadie just informed me that there are NO NUTS being used in the kitchen she produces the bread in – yay!******

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Bread SRSLY – seriously amazing

No, but seriously – BREAD SRSLY is seriously awesome.

I didn’t even know how much I needed gluten-free sourdough fresh-from-the-oven loaves until I met Sadie and Bread Srsly. And yeah, I’m wondering how many times I can use the word “seriously” in this post. SRSLY.

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So Sadie didn’t start making bread because she was gluten-free. In fact, it was all for a dude and a dream. She wanted to make great gluten-free bread to impress her beau. Luckily (only lucky on our part because she’s now part of the cool kids), she ended up finding out she was gluten intolerant.

To help me pay for more recipe testing, I tried selling some loaves on my days off out of my apartment. Word spread, and after 8 months of baking at home, Bread SRSLY became a full-time business.

So why sourdough and not other sorts of gluten-free bread? Sadie thinks sourdough is an amazing because it’s a living, breathing, temperamental thing It’s a collection of living wild yeast and bacteria that live all around us.

They feed on the grains in a bread dough, breaking down tough proteins and spare sugars through long fermentation, and giving the bread a more complex flavor. A sourdough will stay fresh longer than a regular bread, and it will also be easier to digest, since the hard-to-eat proteins and sugars have been eliminated. Additionally, the nutrients locked up in those grains are suddenly easy to absorb. Folks with yeast sensitivities can often handle a sourdough yeast too – reactions are often caused by too much single strain yeast. Modern breadmaking often uses even more yeast to speed along the breadmaking process, causing a loaf of bread to have excess yeast, hard-to-digest grains, and locked up nutrients. These breads also contain sugars to aid the yeast, and chemical agents to prolong shelf life. The cooperative group of yeasts and bacteria in a sourdough do not provoke reactions in many cases, and do not need any sugars or chemicals to aid them. Good bread takes time, and sourdough is a slow, careful, and wonderfully beneficial process.

I’d love to see Sadie and her team to expand across the states, but right now she’s working hard on expanding their bread sales to grocery stores in Northern CA, and hopefully Southern CA within the next few years. Sadi would love to have a kitchen back East someday. The Bread SRSLY team has some smaller events planned in the Bay Area, so keep an eye on their calendar!

The bread comes in a few flavors: Classic Sourdough, Kale Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough, Sourdough Rolls. I’ve had the classic and the kale and they were AMAZING! All are GF, Vegan, with no nuts, no soy, no tapioca, potato or garbanzo beans. There is no sugar used in the baking, and we only use wild yeast, which is suitable for most baker’s yeast sensitivities. The rolls also have no xanthan gum. They are made in a gluten-free kitchen, but the kitchen DOES use nuts, milk and eggs.

Use the code CATBfan for 10% off all orders through now through Sept 30 on

To order within the Bay Area:

To order nationally:

**Full disclosure, I consider Sadie to be a personal friend, however this does not reflect that I think her bread is the jam man. Also, I think she may be sending me free bread. However, I have paid for all Bread SRSLY bread in the past.**

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  1. kim August 23, 2014 at 7:50 pm Reply

    How long will the bread keep or should I freeze it? Would love to try this but I am the only GF in the house….I guess I COULD share with my family

    • Erica Dermer August 25, 2014 at 2:49 pm Reply

      I’m not sure. I kept mine out for a few days, but I believe you can freeze it? You might want to shoot Sadie a message.

  2. Meg @ Beard & Bonnet September 2, 2014 at 7:54 am Reply

    Thanks so much for the review and coupon code! I have been meaning to try Bread SRSLY for a while and am so excited to know there will be fresh bread at my home within the next week!
    Also I saw Kim’s question above and as I was reading through the Bread SRSLY site I saw that you can keep the bread at room temp for a few days, or in the fridge for 4 days. To freeze you should refrigerate the loaf for a few days, slice, then freeze. 🙂

  3. edith September 29, 2014 at 8:17 pm Reply

    i check out at but the coupon code did not work.

    • Erica Dermer September 30, 2014 at 6:19 pm Reply

      Contact BreadSRSLY directly and you can ask them if they mind extending the coupon code date for you!

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