Review: Schar Gluten Free Snack Crackers

I picked up some Schar snack crackers at one of the recent gluten-free expos that Non-GFBF and I attended. Don’t worry, I also grabbed something more exciting than crackers – but I can’t find them at my local store, so I’m boycotting writing about them (but seriously, buy the Chocolate Sandwich Cremes if you can find them).

Schar – you had me at “individual snack pack.” Their snack crackers are so perfect to go in a school lunch or even a business lunch (although I wish we could still carry the plastic lunch boxes with cartoon characters on top as adults). A box of these holds 6 individual snack packages and each serving of crackers (8 crackers) provides 5 grams of protein and 8% DV of fiber in a tasty snack (but 240 calories)!

Right now we’re big on multi-grain crackers, we stock Crunchmaster at home currently, but we’re always looking for the next great cracker. Believe me, I’ve tried many. I’m not sure how I haven’t managed to try a Schar brand cracker, but I’m glad that I found this sample. Non-GFBF thought that they didn’t taste gluten free at all. For him, that’s like a seal of approval.

These are great plain crackers – crackers that don’t have crazy nuts and seeds in them. They’re just…plain! I think they have less starch-y aftertaste than other plain GF crackers from major brands that I’ve had in the past. They didn’t coat my teeth as much as I thought they would. They’re so great with cheese, and I can  imagine them being great with peanut butter or deli meat or any other topping. They wouldn’t overpower the topping with a nutty or seedy taste. These are great every day kind of crackers. They’re not like saltines, but are more like Ritz crackers, but less buttery. They’re not super crunchy, but they’re not soft like bread either – it’s a great consistency.

Ingredients: corn starch, potato starch, soy flour, palm oil, rice flour, sugar, salt, yeast. PS how great is this information after the ingredients – I want all of my products to support Celiac Disease Research!

It’s currently on sale for $7.83 a box on Schar’s website store, but is usually $8.39. I think this is a great deal for a little more than $1 a snack pack of crackers. I would definitely recommend these crackers and easily give them a 4.5 wheat stalk rating.

[ratings wheat=”4.5″]


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