Review: Way Better Snacks Gluten Free Chips

I’m still catching up about writing up reviews of brands that I met at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Chicago – there were just so many great new tastes! One of the last vendors that I tasted was Way Better Snacks, an interesting take on tortilla chips. I really liked that they offered sweet potato chips, so I was interested in their brand right away. When I got home, Way Better Snacks sent me a few bags (that’s my disclosure statement) of their tasty new snacks to sample!

They’re unique and interesting because of all the stuff in them – sprouted chia seeds, golden flax, quinoa, radish seeds, broccoli seeds. IN A CHIP! And although sprouted ingredients added a unique taste, it certainly didn’t taste like you chomping on soil in a garden! Here’s what they say on the website about several chips, “Every serving has a whopping 420mg of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids to help keep your cells happy…Our Broccoli and Daikon Radish seeds are so nutritious they have much of the same nutrition as fresh mature Broccoli.” WOW!


I had a ton of people help me with this review. Obviously Non-GFBF was involved, as he really likes salt and chips of any kind. My mom and dad came over one day to hang out and I handed out these chips as party favors. Then I brought some to my friend who came into town on tour, and she got to sample the whole spectrum of chips too! Overall reviews – these are great chips! Some flavors are better than others, but as a whole I’m very excited about this brand. They make me not feel so bad about eating tortilla chips!

These are how I broke down the flavors, from most favorite to least favorite.

Simply Sweeet Potato

This was ranked my #1 – my favorite! This one is for all of you who want a better alternative to sweet potato fries. This has all the flavor of a sweet potato, with the salt of the fries that you crave. Non-GFBF really liked these as well. They’re sweeeeeeet (extra e’s like the label). These were very well received by the group of taste testers.

Their website says, “Every serving has over 190mg of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids to help keep your cells happy. Sweet Potato’s are a great source of Vitamin A and their fiber has been known to promote good digestion.” So good, giving it a 4.5.

[ratings wheat=”4.5″]

Simply Unbeatable Blues

This was my #2 best snack. This quenched my boyfriend (and my mother’s) undying quest for salty snack crackers. It seems like just the typical tortilla chip, except…well, seedier, and better. I could easily see myself switching out my typical tortilla chips for these. Another 4.5 rating for this one.

[ratings wheat=”4.5″]

No Salt Naked Blues 

Tastes like a regular tortilla chip, just without salt. Then you bite into these chia seeds, radish seeds, and broccoli seeds and unlock this really interesting, really earthy taste flavor. You can just tell that it’s good for you.

Non-GFBF (like my mother) is instantly turned off by the “no salt” on the package. He didn’t think they were as bland as he thought they would be, but he would need dipping salsa or guac to add flavor. He could really taste all the seeds, and he thought it brought a unique flavor that he wasn’t turned off by. I give it a 4 wheat stalk rating, as I don’t need all the salt.

[ratings wheat=”4″]

Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips

This was my 4th favorite chip. So this tastes exactly like what I remember a Dorito tasting like (without all the gross processed cheese-like flavoring). It’s got this onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper spices, but it has this awesome kick to it after you eat it. I could eat these all day! They can be considered a bit spicy though – my mom couldn’t handle more than one. Then again, my spice-loving Non-GFBF thought it wasn’t spicy at all! Maybe his taste buds have been ravaged by all the sriracha!He thought they were delicious. They were his #1. They’re a fun and spicy chip – giving it a 4 on the wheat stalk scale.

[ratings wheat=”4″]

Simply Sunny Multi-Grain

Similar to the Simply Unbeatable Blues, just with brown rice. It’s not an incredibly distinguishable taste. I think these are the most “normal” of the chips. If I’m eating them without any salsa or toppings, I like mine a bit more flavorful. I’m giving it a 3 wheat stalks.

[ratings wheat=”3″]

Simply Beyond Black Bean

They taste like the corn tortilla chips, but you can taste a hint of the black beans. It’s not like you’re eating a bowl of black beans, but it tastes…different. Non-GFBF thought they were good, but pretty salty. I think there was nothing special about this flavor.  I’m giving them 3 wheat stalks – I feel like these are better for me than regular tortilla chips, but not sure I would regularly buy them over the other flavors.

The website states, “Every serving has over 275mg of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids to help keep your cells happy. The nutrients in Sprouted Black Beans have been known to help reduce blood cholesterol and aid in digestion.” So, that’s awesome! I’m giving them a 3 on the ratings scale, because they’re still a good chip.

[ratings wheat=”3″]

Overall, we really liked these Way Better Snacks. And more good news? Their chips have been tested and certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization, and all are processed on machinery that that does not process any items with gluten! You can buy them online for $3.49 a bag or find them at a local retail store.




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  1. Alissa May 14, 2012 at 7:48 am Reply

    OMG. I need to get my hands on the sweet potato chips right now. I must have missed these guys at the expo!

  2. Missy July 14, 2012 at 6:46 pm Reply

    I am intolerant to rice and garlic as well as a slew of other things so I have had the sweet potato and blue corn. Sweet potato is, by far, my favorite! I get about 2 bags a week, haha!

  3. Jennifer June 11, 2013 at 4:45 pm Reply

    I love way better snacks too! They are on sale at Abe’s Market right now.

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