Make your CELIAC video TONIGHT for Jennifer’s Way!

WHAT? Be a part of a collection of videos about Celiac disease diagnosis (or should I say, misdiagnosis). This is put on by Jennifer’s Way, the awesome celiac awareness foundation (soon to be a 501c3) from actress Jennifer Esposito.

WHO? You know Jennifer Esposito. I first loved her in Samantha Who? – an awesome show that lasted a few seasons and starred actresses Christina Applegate and Melissa McCarthy. She obviously is a super talented actress that has had many successful projects for many years. But, primarily, she’s a Celiac! That’s right, someone in Hollywood that is using a gluten-free diet for good (not evil). She started an awesome foundation and I’m so happy that we finally have someone that has mass appeal that understands how we live our gluten-free lives! We’re lucky to have an advocate like her to spread the good word of Celiac disease! To read more about her and her story, check out the great interview she did with our GFBFF Gluten Dude!


HOW? Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Be creative and commit to making a video about your diagnosis process!
  • BE A CELIAC – it’s only open to those who have been diagnosed
  • Sign the release form on the website
  • Stick to the required script for the beginning (name and years it took to be diagnosed)
  • Videos kept under 3 minutes
  • Send it to her (keep in mind over 20MB can’t be sent over email)

You can find all this information on her website here! So, what are you doing tonight? You’re making a video for Jennifer’s Way!

Here’s a screenshot of my video!

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