Review: Outback Steakhouse, Littleton, CO

We were recently in Denver, CO (okay, so we were actually in Littleton) for a wedding. However, unlike Denver proper, Littleton doesn’t quite have the intese gluten-free scene. I went on a few different websites and found a few places to go on Although I’m not a huge fan of chains, we went to Outback Steakhouse. No, I don’t eat beef – but they do have an extensive menu that’s been GIG-trained. I feel very safe there as a chain because during my visits, I’ve always felt safe. You can see their extensive gluten-free menu here.

When we went there, we were greeted by a cheerful staff and waitress that saw that we had gluten-free menus. I ordered the shrimp appetizer, a loaded baked potato, and a caesar salad. The dude ordered a chicken sandwich (without the bun obviously) and a loaded baked potato.

I had to order dessert – because the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under comes in a sample size. Guess what, it’s not really a sample – it could easily feed two people! There’s a flour-less brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It was awesome!

Everyone who brought something out clarified that it was gluten-free – which is one of my pet peeves that most restaurants don’t do. It’s like – okay, server, you have gained my trust that you understand GF, but when the person who actually brings out my food doesn’t know if it’s gluten-free or not, I get left wondering and debating if my food is safe until my server comes back to reassure everything is good and right with the world. So, thank you Outback!

I doubt I’ll ever go back to Littleton, CO, but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Outback Steakhouse!

Location: 8601 W. Cross Drive, Littleton, CO 80123

Phone:(303) 932-0315

I’ve heard from several other gluten-sensitive people that Outback is a really safe alternative for them when dining out (and avoiding cooking – grrrrr). That’s awesome! I generally dislike chains, but Outback Steakhouse makes me feel so safe. Thank you!

[ratings wheat=”4″]

You can find them, and other gluten-free dining locations in Littleton (although limited) on Find Me Gluten Free here.

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