REVIEW: Bakery on Main Instant Oatmeal

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed Bakery on Main and their flavored instant oatmeal. Their strawberry, oatmeal, and maple flavors were just too sweet for my taste for breakfast – I like a little more subdued taste. But, I did dig the gluten-free grains that they included – including quinoa. It was a unique product that is great to take when traveling.

Bake Shop Flavor review

Well, it’s also been a while since I received their “original” flavor instant oatmeal to review. I know I talked about it on my other social media, but it’s time to finally “blog” about it.

This traditional flavor isn’t sweet like the other flavors – it tastes like gluten-free oatmeal, but with their added in unique ancient grains. It’s also non-GMO. Way awesome. I think this oatmeal is a winner – in fact, when I travel to expos, I always keep several packets in my suitcase. It’s always easy to find hot water at an airport or at a hotel – especially when you don’t trust any food around you.

[ratings wheat=”4″]

But Bakery on Main BLEW MY MIND at Expo West with one of their new instant oatmeal flavors – Blueberry Scone. I walked up to the booth and their ALIC – awesome lady in charge, Whitney, welcomed me with open arms. These guys rock. But she seriously suggested I tried the newest oatmeal flavors (that weren’t even into retail production yet – they were still being formulated)! I had a bite of the blueberry scone and my jaw dropped. Damn – that’s a good oatmeal. Yes, it has a higher sugar content than the traditional oatmeal I wrote about earlier, but c’mon – this flavor. OMG. I would never ever trade this in for gluten-containing crappy Quaker Oats flavored instant oatmeal – even the kind that had the candy dino eggs in it from my childhood. I cannot WAIT until these hit the general market.

Okay, I want to disclose fully that I did not try the carrot cake flavor. I don’t like carrot cake. I didn’t want to end my visit to Expo West on a low note just because of my dislike of carrot cake. I’m going to end on a positive note and keep thinking about when the blueberry scone flavor will be launched!

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  1. TJ April 16, 2013 at 10:17 pm Reply

    OMG I love oatmeal and I have been missing a quick instant take-a-long one for soooo long! Can’t wait to try this!!

  2. Tracy Lynn August 7, 2013 at 5:42 am Reply

    I just bought this oatmeal at Wholefoods the other day and it’s way up there with Glutenfreeda….although I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Amaranth in general. I prefer to make my own from rolled oats but it takes too long… i’m alternating between this and glutenfreeda. My only hang up is how expensive they are.

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