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I’ll update this list daily to show off you amazing people! 

1. Cindy Dent (aka Vegetarian Mamma) Thank you Cindy!

2. Michelle Minton. Thanks Michelle!

3. Amanda O’Neil Timmerman. Amanda has an amazing heart for animals AND for old friends!

4. Josh Terry. Be still my heart, thank you for sharing Josh!

5. Tanya Murphy. Thank you Tanya!

6. Nicole Kooiman! Thanks Nikki 🙂 Mwah!

7. Melissa Heeres aka GeekilyGF. Thank you!

8. Carly Townsend – our first $100 pledge! Thank you!

9. Christy Luedtka – thanks!

10. Andrea Bozigar. Thank you Andrea!

11. Erica O’Neil – woohoooo our first family of pledges!

12. Alysa Bajenaru (aka InspiredRD)

13. Jessica Lanzillotta. Thanks Jessica!

14. Stacey Elizabeth Friedrich – thanks Stacey

15.  K.C. Pomering (aka G-Free Foodie) MWAH!

16. Paige Abramowitz, thanks Paige!

17. Dawn Parker (my junior high band teacher! Still hasn’t stopped believing in me!) Thanks!

18. Juli La Porte (half of <3

19. Alissa Raschke-Janchenko (aka Breaking Up With Captain Crunch)

20. Mary Fran Wiley (aka FrannyCakes) – thanks love!

21. Henry Lizano – thanks Henry!

22. John C. Ronquillo – our 2nd $100 pledge! Thanks for believing in me!

23. Dawn Lawson! THANKS DAWN!

24. Anyck Desroches – thank you so much.

25. Christine Pulcrano. Thanks Christine!

26. Michelle Callen – thank you Michelle.

27. Suanne Pratt, thanks!

28. Tony Ash – even vegans support CATB! 🙂

29. Patrica Van West, thanks Patrica

30. Kelly Kurzhal – thanks Kelly!

31. Kathleen – thank you Kathleen!

32. Glam Without Gluten – my girl, thanks beautiful!

33. Michelle Sauter. Thanks Michelle!

34. Elizabeth Felix (aka Gluten Free with Eli) thanks!

35. Brittany Hollenbrau – my girl! Thanks beautiful!

36. Randelle Helton

37. Pamela Wahl (aka the G-Free Guide). Thanks!

38. Kayla Fulginiti thanks!

39. Jenna Garagiola – aka make-up artist to the stars, find her FB here!

40. Sarah Frechette (aka why I actually get web traffic from Helsinki). Thanks!

41. Mary Fiorella Hurst. Thank you!

42. Tori Griffith. Well, I know at least my teacher friends will be able to educate the future generation about gluten-free! Mwah!

43. Annie Drake. Thanks Annie!

44. Kris Olmon – graphic designer and awesome dude. Thanks!

45. Matt Saling. I don’t know this man. Stranger danger. Thanks for the $100. 🙂

46. Michelle Gierald. Thanks Michelle!

47. Lisa Stander Horel – thanks Lisa!

48. Matty G – my friend from the east coast who is an extraordinary artist. Thank you.

49. Kate Brosious makes gluten-free treats in AZ! Thank you darling!

50. Tim Agne. THANK YOU TIM, I know I’m not Veronica Mars, but I appreciate it.

51. Emily Rich – this girl is blowing the Tucson GF scene out of the water! <3

52. Susan Helfeld – thanks Susan!

53. Tom Reade. Thank you, from Moldova!

54. Aileen Burns and her adorable doggie – thanks!

55. Robyn – thank you!

56. Annie Bruington – thank you so much!

57. Diana – thank you!

58. Kim Provo Pebley – aka Gluten Free in Arizona. THANK YOU!

59. Brigette Heller, an awesome Gluten Free Calendar team mate, thanks!

60. Adina Pease aka Gluten Free Travelette

61. Allison Wylie – thank you!

62. Patricia Faulkner thanks! Check out her website at

63. Tony Cani, many thanks!

64. Nicholas Tolstoshev, thank you!

65. Kim Rice (aka Thriving GF) Thanks!

66. Chandice Probst aka Gluten Free Frenzy and the Founder of Gluten Free Calendar! Thank you!

67. Bianca Zampieri, thank you

68. Jonathan Hickel – THANK YOU! 🙂 Another $100 pledge!

69. Kari – thank you!

70. Charlotte Lafer – many thanks!

71. Jennifer Stohr – thank you!

72. Janet Mongilio, thanks!

73. Jilian Dickson – our first $250 pledge. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

74. Dinah Winton, thank you! Another awesome Australia pledge!

75. Jennifer Barthold – thanks!

76. Joel and Lis Maxwell – our largest pledge to date. THANK YOU for believing in me.

77. Amanda Mahoney from Celiac and Allergy Adventures – thank you!

78. Sherrie Scaglione (With Food + Love – visit this site). Thanks!

79. Tina Coneybeare, thanks from the USA to Canada!

80. Diana Padilla – thank you!

81. Kari Helseth – thank you, my beautiful friend.

82. Selena Bluntzer – thanks!

83. Emma Ludwig, thank you!

84. Candace Park – thank you for your faith in me and pledging the $250 level. I so appreciate it.

85. Piper Sagan, thank you!

86. Samara Stern – thanks!

87. Jon Gluck from thanks for believing in me, friend and I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your business!
88. Michelle Rivera-Kennedy, thanks!
89. Julia Beahm Lersch – thank you lovely!

90. Kimberly Gunn ( THANKS!

91. Annie Proctor (aka Annie’s Gluten Free Grub) You rock, thank you!

92. Rob Massopustq from – thank you!

93. Michele Hoyer – thank you and I can’t wait for you to get a copy of the book.

94. Angela Lunt (aka Celiac Hashi Girl and a huge supporter of CATB). THANK YOU!

95. Delisi A Friday – thank you

96. Gluten Dude – many thanks to you sir!

97. Siobhan Gagon – THANK YOU!

98. Sandra Eagleson – thank you so much!

99. Crystalyn Knobloch – thank you for your pledge!

100. (YES WE HAD OVER 100 PLEDGES!) Jennifer Mathews – thanks for being #100!

101. Deborah Johnson – Thank you, and see you at Thanksgiving 🙂

102. Amy Fothergill (aka The Family Chef) THANKS and I can’t wait to see YOUR book!

103. Sarah Nielsen (aka Celiac in the City) Thanks! A must read if you’re in Milwaukee!

104. Melanie Matteoli – thanks Melanie!

105. Michelle Palin from My Gluten Free Kitchen – thank you!

106. Bradley Jones – thank you Bradley!

107. Miguel Alderete – thanks Miguel!

108. Carolina DePaulis – representing CATB in Spain – thank you!

109. Ami Frank from Ami’s Cakes and Confections in Ames, IA!

110. Jess Koldoff – thanks and mazel tov on the baby!

111. Vicki Passmore – thank you!

112. Susan O’ Day, thanks Susan.

113. Alison Needham from A Girl Defloured, thanks!

114. Laura Brockway – thank you Laura! 🙂

115. Rosie Sidle – thanks Rosie.

116. Lindsay Prince – my friend from ASU, thanks Linds!

117. Allison Quiring – thank you Allison!

118. Candice Rutledge – thank you!

119. My dear aunt Susan, thank you so much for always believing in me!

120. Stacy Suaya – a very talented writer who has always lifted me up. Thank you!

121. Shari Saling! Thank you ma’am! Keep on representing gluten-free in Lake O for me!

122. Annette Kracht – thank you love!

123. Jonn Meredith – thanks John, can’t wait for you to get the book!

124. Jordan Middlebrook – King Gluten Free – thank you so much for your pledge!

125. Jeremiah Walgren – thank you!

126. Gemma Boyd – thanks!

127. Kristen Knape – my mentor and the wind beneath my wings!

128. Wendy Godfrey – thank you Wendy!

129. Kristian Kylie Barnard – thanks!

130. Jose Guzman – Thank you Jose

131. Jennifer Brittany – thanks Jennifer

132. Matt Skouras – thanks Matt!

133. Jan Schlidkamp – thank you!

134. Kendra Peterson – thank you!

135. Wendy from Palm Trees Gluten Free – thanks Wendy!

136. Robynne St. Marie thank you!

137. Brian from East Bay Celiac

138. Kevin Mackie – thanks Kevin

139. Rebecca from Pretty Little Celiac – thank you!

140. Melanie Harley, many thanks Melanie!

141. Sara Teristi – thanks!

142. Stephanie Hock thank you Stephanie

143. Andrew Natoli – thanks to Australia from to US to you!

144. Stephan Nadolny – thank you!

147. Paula Tipton, thank you Paula!

148. Sarah Pearson MacDonald – thank you so much!

149. Adam Ceton – thanks Adam

150. Tifany Ness – thanks Tifany!

151. Alexandra Thompson – thank you!

152. Russell Macpherson – thanks!

153. Debbie Maurin, thank you Debbie!

154. Laura Mertens from Gluten Free Traveller! You rock Laura!

155. Barbie Coldiron – she has great photography skills! Check her out here.

156. Melinda Kraus-Perrotta – thank you again Melinda – see you in Chicago next time!

157. Elizabeth Stuewe – thanks!

158. Ken Scheer from Rock a Healthy Lifestyle

159. Joan Loquaci – all around cool lady and mom to cool people too!

160. Brittany Wold – thanks Brittany!

161. Sae Pfeiffer – thanks!

162. Karin Weakley – thank you Karin

163. Stacey Crumbaker – thank you Stacey!

164. Andrew Eisenberg from Allermates – thank you!

165. Joan Taylor – thank you!

166. Kelly Beth Dygulski THANKS!

167. Pam Jordan from I’m a Celiac thanks!

168. Lindsay Martin-Nez – thanks. Check her out at Gluten Free Girl MS (a Mississippi-based blog)

169. Cassandra Teatro – thank you

170. Alex Pearlman – thank you to my old editor who is kicking journalism’s butt!

171. Jeanne O’Connell thank you Jeanne!

172. James Bond-Simmons thanks!

173. Sarah Deters – thank you!

174. Remy Goldberg thanks

175. Joe Knight – thank you!

176. Sarah Bodney – thank you so much Sarah!

177. Robin Paolini thank you!

178. Chrissy Raguckas – thank you!

179. Kim Radig – thank you for always pushing me to write one book – regardless of the content!

180. Kyle Wolfe – thank you!

181. Chris Donnelly – thank you!

182. Charissa from Zest Bakery – thank you!

183. Jade Ruiz, thanks Jade.

184. Kim Edwards – thank you!

185. Joshua Hill from The Hill Group – thank you!

186. Megan Moore – thanks Megan!

187. Rebecca Nichols – thank you for your support!

188. Kate Jessica Pangborn – thankyou!

189. Mary Pappalardo – thank you!

190. Christopher Barton, thanks!

191. Ann Grabowski – thanks Ann!

192. Julie Moreno from Jewel’s Bake Shop, thanks!

193. Jen Holmes from Check Your Gluten


I am so lucky to have so much great support for this book. It’s been a loooooong journey, but I’m happy to make this dream come true!

I'm So Happy!


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