Kickstarter Reward

Now, I know this sounds like a PBS fundraiser, or something you’d hear on NPR – and it kinda is. I need your help.

Think back on how you found this blog. Think about if I’ve helped you at all on your journey. Think about if you’ve found any product from my website that has helped you on your gluten-free path. Do you get your news from Celiac and the Beast? How about sporting any of that Celiac and the Beast gear? If you answered yes to any of these – thank you for being a supporter.

I know this may seem like a shock, but I don’t get paid for Celiac and the Beast. I make profit from the merchandise that I sell – except my profit goes directly into more merchandise and for travel to gluten-free expos across the country. I am not rolling in the dough – although I wish I was (unless the dough had gluten in it). I mean, doesn’t everyone?

But, self-publishing is not cheap. Yes, you can publish ON YOUR OWN without any help and put together a small book on multiple platforms. But I’m a marketer and a writer. If i’m going to put out a book, I want it to be beautiful, easy-to-read, and I don’t want it to look like I hodge-podged something together. I am hiring a local independent company (yay go local!) and it will cost me thousands of dollars to perform the following acts: cover design assistance, copy editing, proofreading, interior design, page layout, and working on getting the most out of self-publishing platforms. They are my partner – and they are not cheap. Anything over what I pay them will go towards purchasing my own books (yes, I have to pay for them too). Beyond that, whatever is left will go towards travel and lodging and expo booths for the rest of the year – although I’m not sure I will have anything left for that. It is not just $100 or $200 to publish the type of book I want to do.

So why did I do a Kickstarter? Because I love Kickstarter. I have found so many creative awesome projects on there that are unique gifts and great works of artistry and mastery in their given fields. Kickstarter also provides great rewards for people who pledge, and I think i put together some great rewards. You can pledge as little as $5 and still get something from me (a handwritten note, shout-out and stickers) or if you’re rolling in the dough you can opt for the bigger rewards at the $100-$250 level and get even better rewards. You can get a copy of the book for $17 or a t-shirt and stickers for $25. A popular reward level is $50, where you can get a book, shirt, and stickers. Regardless of what you pledge, every little bit counts. Why? Because if I don’t get to $5,000 by the time 8pm strikes EST on 7/31, I don’t get anything. NOTHING. All of my passion and money spent on PR for this campaign would be a waste. And I would be super sad!

So, here’s where I’m asking you to pledge. If you’ve learned anything awesome from my site, gotten a laugh or two from status updates, or just enjoyed my posts – consider pledging to my Kickstarter now.





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