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Yes, it’s been too long since the GFAF Expo in San Fran to have a blog recap. However, I feel like I get a free pass since I’ve been super busy recovering from a gluten exposure attack and going to physical therapy for my busted ankle. So, I hope you don’t mind that it’s a little late. Plus, I’m including a giveaway at the end as a mea culpa!

GFAF San Francisco

Zest Bakery Cake for GFAF San Francisco

So yes, I went to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in San Mateo, CA a few weekends ago with my GFBFF’s at G-Free Foodie – K.C. and Kyra (our own personal Sunshine Band). I was lucky that I was with them, because with a busted ankle, I needed all the help I could get walking around San Fran on crutches! It was a very painful weekend, but I had a ton of fun with my gluten-free friends – including Annie from Annie’s Gluten Free Grub, Whitney from Bakery on Main, Sadie from Bread SRSLY, Patrick and Charissa from Zest Bakery, and Sarah from Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free Treats. I also met Tiffany from GF Mom Certified, which was awesome! I got to see some great authors like Amy Fothergill of The Warm Kitchen cookbook, and seeing Nadine from Gluten Free RN!

Although it was nice to be wheeled around in the airport, dealing with crutches all weekend was a huge pain in the ass…

Wheelchairin' it up

Wheelchairin’ it up

I was so lucky to spend two straight days with some amazing women – K.C. from G-Free Foodie and Kyra from Kyra’s Bake Shop (formerly Crave Bake Shop). However, competing with these two beautiful, hilarious women for attention in one small both was hard work!

GFAF San Francisco

GFAF San Francisco

GFAF San Francisco

Kyra’s Bake Shop cupcake mix!

I did, however, get a big smile on my face when one of my readers came to the booth with her blinged out hoodie she got from me last year at San Fran’s GFAF Expo. I’m pretty sure this glows in the dark. It’s pretty awesome.

Blinged out hoodie! GFAF San Francisco

Blinged out hoodie! GFAF San Francisco

I did get to sign my 2014 Gluten Free Calendar (available for purchase at expos and online), and I totally felt like a Hooters girl.

GFAF San Francisco

2014 Gluten Free Calendar signings like a Hooters girl

I had a great time with great friends. I love meeting readers at expos, but I also love seeing my extended gluten-free family that I only get to see at places like the GFAF.

GFAF San Francisco

Cool kids at GFAF San Francisco

Speaking of gluten-free besties, Sarah from Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free Treats just launched her signature hand towel line, and it’s amazing. I only use vintage towels, and I’m so happy to add this towel to my collection!

GFAF San Francisco

Sarah Bakes new towels!

There were also some awesome products and brands there that I thought I’d share with you guys! This includes Lovely Lady Products – some great natural, organic body products. I use their soap, oil, and lotion.

Lovely Lady Products at GFAF San Francisco

Lovely Lady Products at GFAF San Francisco

While Van’s were sampling their awesome new PB&J bars, at least I found my foot twin…

GFAF San Francisco

Twins! Van’s & CATB dual foot issues!

Sadie from Bread SRSLY makes the most amazing sourdough bread, and yes – you CAN order online!

GFAF San Francisco

Bread SRSLY – seriously amazing

Ginnybakes has some great cookies, but I wanted to point out her vegan cookie. Really great flavor to it and crunchy!

I got Paleo’d by Paleo Magazine. I dig paleos who aren’t all judgmental about the paleo lifestyle and are just super passionate about what they do.

This organic black bean spaghetti rocks. I know I’m late to the train because the Glam Without Gluten kids know all about it, so it was cool to try it in person!

And as always, I can’t say enough about Make Ahead Paleo and this woman! Tammy – big hugs!

Finally – a VEGAN buttery popcorn! I love love love this Earth Balance popcorn.

I also got to scoot around town in my boot – which, if you’re familiar with San Fran’s streets – was quite a treat for my injury.

GFAF San Francisco

Three girls and a dome

In fact, I’m pretty sure my ankle didn’t have a good time at all in San Fran. Even the wine didn’t help. And wine always helps.

Gross ankle pics

Gross ankle pics

GFAF San Francisco

Just chillin’ in an ice bucket at the hotel

But, even if I was down for the count – I could always rely on the great gluten-free food of San Fran to help a girl out. In fact, I FINALLY made it to Pica Pica – a 100% gluten-free restaurant that you might have seen on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I loved it. Such unique Venezuelan food!

GFAF San Francisco Pica Pica

GFAF San Francisco – Pica Pica 100% GF

So that was San Fran, but I’m already thinking about my next GFAF Expo experience. It’s FINALLY in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. I’ll be in Glendale at the Renaissance hotel (by where the Coyotes and Cardinals play) at the end of February for the Phoenix GFAF Expo! Come see me, hear me talk, and buy a book of your own! In fact, I’m doing a drawing for 5 tickets to the GFAF Phoenix Expo. Better hurry, because this drawing will be next Friday, when I return from Aulani in Hawaii!

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  1. kelly February 14, 2014 at 9:45 pm Reply

    I am new to your blog and I have to say it’s awesome.
    It’s so nice to know there’s a whole gf world out there! It feels so lonely sometimes. Everyone is so quick to judge. I too have a gfbf and knew what that abbreviation meant right away. You are such an inspiration! I will have to attend this gf expo as I live in Scottsdale. Keep up the great work! Ps get well soon 🙂

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