Review: Ian’s Gluten Free Dairy Free All Natural Mac & No Cheese

I love Mac & Cheese and I have since I was a kid. When I went gluten-free, I naturally switched to Annie’s boxed mac & cheese, and their gluten-free microwave frozen mac & cheese and was satisfied. When I realized I was having some major issues with dairy, I thought I would be screwed. Then, like a magical sign from above, Fresh & Easy was having a clearance sale on Ian’s gluten and dairy-free mac & cheese kid-sized frozen entrees. Since I do love my clearance items, I threw a few in the basket. Next time I was craving a quick mac & cheese, I popped one in the oven for a few minutes. While the ingredient list was longer than one can hope for in a microwave product – sometimes you just gotta have something. For me, this “something” is mac & cheese. I headed it up and it turned out pretty great. It’s creamy, even though it’s not made with dairy. The noodles are soft, but not mushy. The cheese doesn’t taste like the creepy neon orange looking cheese you get with some boxed mac & cheeses (cheesi?). Overall, it’s the perfect small entree for me, and definitely a good size for a kid. I’ve seen them range from $3-$4 for a box. I like to have one in the freezer for the cravings, and it’s a lot easier than making it from scratch, or even from a box.

Ian's Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese

Ian’s Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese


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I give Ian’s mac & cheese 4 stars. I know it would be more if it was made with real dairy – but then I’d have a stomach ache! For those who are SF DF and GF, I would recommend trying this. Ian’s also has a ton of other kid-friendly products as well – like corn dogs and fish sticks. This product is also soy-free and egg-free, which is awesome. While it has a lot of ingredients, I do commend it for having no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors – something that we know has been drama in the mac & cheese gossip corner lately.


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  1. Karen Brady February 15, 2014 at 7:45 pm Reply

    I didn’t know Ian’s made GF DF SF Mac & Cheese!

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