SPONSORED: Food Allergy Awareness Week 5/11-5/17 with Enjoy Life Foods

On top of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, this Sunday started the Food Allergy Awareness Week too! And if you know CATB, you know that we embrace our food allergy brothers and sisters just like that…brothers and sisters in the food allergy/sensitive community. I gained an even greater appreciation for these advocates when I went to Food Allergy Bloggers Conference last year (and can’t wait to go again this year too). Thanks to FARE for this great infographic below!

FARE's Food Allergies in the US

FARE’s Food Allergies in the US

To kick off Food Allergy Awareness Week we met up with Enjoy Life Foods (our weekly sponsor) to chat about what they’re doing for the food allergic community and how their suite of products can help suit food allergy needs with products that actually taste good!

What Does Eat Freely Mean with Enjoy Life Foods?

What Does Eat Freely Mean with Enjoy Life Foods?


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