Review: Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Gluten Free

It’s cherry season now, but what happens when all the magic of fresh cherries disappears in the fall and winter? I met Cheribundi at Expo West and I have a feeling that they will be the answer to your cherry cravings when the summer is gone.

In every 8 oz. small bottle of Cheribundi, there are over 50 cherries inside! The only ingredients are tart cherry juice and apple juice from concentrate. It tastes like biting into the juiciest, ripest cherry you can find during the peak of the cherry season. It’s delicious. And why drink cherry juice over any other juice? Studies link consuming tart cherries to many benefits like pain relief from inflammation and better sleep quality. Also, it makes killer cocktails.

Cheribundi 100% Cherry Juice

Cheribundi 100% Cherry Juice

Cheribundi sent a sample of their products to me to try out (thanks Cheribundi!) and I was really impressed with the tart cherry juice flavors. My new favorite combo is the Cheribundi tart cherry juice with seltzer water from my SodaStream!

Unfortunately, their Cherry Juice LightRestore and Relax have stevia in it – so they was out for me, but they could be a good alternative for those that can tolerate stevia. Their Rebuild drink is made with whey (so again out for me) as a good post-workout alternative.

Their line of REFRESH drinks (cherry blended with other fruit friends) are really good, just really full of sugar. It’s about 22 grams of sugar for each 8 oz. serving of the Refresh line. That is just way too much sugar for me. I had to water them down in order to really drink them. The TEA REFRESH line is even better than the Refresh line, and a little less sugar (18 grams) but still too much for me. If I’m going to get sugar, it might as well be from consuming mass amounts of the original tart cherry juice.

Cheribundi & seltzer water!

Cheribundi & seltzer water!

While the REFRESH line isn’t my thing (too much sugar) and I can’t drink the others due to stevia, I do highly recommend the tart cherry juice. Because I continue to purchase this item with my own hard-earned freelancing money outside of this review, I’m giving the tart cherry juice a 5 out of 5! Please come to Costco so I can buy in bulk and save!

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If you’re interested in trying Cheribundi, you can find where to purchase it near you here. Also, there’s a 7-day trial, and if you don’t feel the benefits of cherry juice – you can get a full refund.


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  1. michelle August 13, 2014 at 5:57 pm Reply

    OH MY GOSH! I have tried a couple of times to find tart cherry juice with no luck. Now that I have a name brand to look for I can check my local health food stores! Thank you for this review!! I have BAD inflammation, I am hoping the cherry juice will help.

  2. Bob Thorne July 31, 2018 at 11:00 am Reply

    Took 8 oz at one time, sleep great however the next day my legs were tingling and some pain, I have diabetes 2, I think the apple juice is bad for me, I never drink it, yet this morning my blood sugar was at 145 which is normal for me by my Doctor. I am stopping it at once and see if legs come back to normal in a few days, if so then this drink is not for people with diabetes. You mention nothing about this.

  3. Yves February 10, 2019 at 1:55 pm Reply

    Dissappointed to findout its mixed with apple juice CONCENTRATE. How many percent apple juice? 80%? Crock!! For health benefit, needs to be 100%

  4. n April 8, 2019 at 12:38 pm Reply

    I love the taste but suspect it’s 49% apple juice (many drinks have false marketing on the graphics while using cheap juices as a filler). Oh, just noticed Yves- 80% AJ. Are ingredients no longer listed by content %??

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