Bhakti Chai Gluten Free Drinks Perfect for Winter *SPONSORED*

I’m all about Bhakti Chai, regardless of the season.

I had such a great time with Bhakti Chai at Expo West 2014 during the spring this year! I got to do yoga with Brook – their FOUNDER and CEO. Check out how much fun their party was! I can’t wait to do it again this year.

Bhakti Chai at Expo West 2014 Bhakti Chai at Expo West 2014 Bhakti Chai at Expo West 2014

But…why does Bhakti Chai rock for right now – during the WINTER? 

Bhakti Chai gluten free drinks are perfect for the winter by bringing their fiery chai spices. But that’s not all…they’re all about ingredients, which makes it the perfect fit for Celiac and the Beast.

Bhakti Chai is the only fresh chai on the market – they do not use preservatives.  They use FRESH pressed organic ginger (never powdered) and spices – not syrups or powder. They are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan!

Interested in more? Here’s how YOU can make Bhakti Chai a part of your WINTER!

1. Purchase a Bhakti Chai gift set for yourself with all that holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket! Santa forgot to get me one of these, so I’m going to have to gift myself something spicy!

Bhakti Chai Tea Tin Gift Box

2. Find Bhakti near you! Find their ready-to-drink bottles with soy milk or almond milk at a store near you! You can also purchase packaged chai tea bags to brew your own! Their huge bottles of concentrate are available at some Whole Foods and independent grocers, or you can purchase online.

3. Try these awesome side dish, entree, and dessert recipes using Bhakti Chai: 

Pistachio Coconut Rice
Aryuveda-Inspired Bhakti Chai Lentils with Quinoa
Bhakti Chai cheesecake

4. Yes, Bhakti Chai works great for holiday drinks! Pour me another, please!

Bhakti Chai Spiced Nog

Bhakti Chai Spiced Nog. Image courtesy of

Bhakti Chai Spiked Nog (chai/nog/whiskey)
Bourbon Bhakti Toddy (bourbon/chai/milk/honey)
The Maharani Cocktail (run/chai/half & half)
Vanilla Vodka Bhakti (chai/vanilla vodka/amaretto/simple sugar/half & half)
Devil’s Bhakti (chai/whiskey/half & half)
Bhakti White Russian (chai/vodka/Kahlua/irish cream)


Thanks again to Bhakti Chai for being a paid sponsor of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide and participating in our holiday twitter parties! 

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