Enjoy Life Foods – Holiday Recipes 2014 *Sponsored*

If you missed our epic twitter party with Enjoy Life Foods a few weeks ago, you missed out on a ton of great holiday recipes that received the “Enjoy Life Foods” (ELF) upgrade. Take a look at some of these items below – head to the store to buy some Enjoy Life Foods products, and bake up a storm this holiday – knowing that you’ll be top 8 free and delicious to boot! Here are some great Enjoy Life Foods Holiday recipes straight from EnjoyLifeFoods.com!

Enjoy Life Foods



ELF upgrade: Uses honey vanilla graham crunchy cookies as a topping

ELF upgrade: 90% of this is Enjoy Life Foods products

ELF upgrade: Uses ginger bread spice soft baked cookies as a crust

Chocolate Sunflower Butter Balls

Chocolate Sunflower Butter Balls – Photo courtesy of EnjoyLifeFoods.com (click on photo for link)


ELF upgrade: Uses honey vanilla graham crunchy cookies as the dough

While I haven’t decided which of these holiday recipes I’m bringing to my family’s Christmas celebration, I’m leaning towards the sunflower butter balls. No one in my family is nut free – in fact, they love nuts so much that it could become an inappropriate running joke. However, I love my SunButter and after I received three jars of the sugar-free SunButter from FACCWDW, it’s going to make the perfect treat (okay, who am I kidding – appetizer) for the holidays!

**Enjoy Life Foods is a Holiday 2014 partner with Celiac and the Beast. However, you should know that I purchase enough ELF products with my hard earned dollars to know that my sponsorship does not affect my love for the products**

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  1. audrey dougherty December 26, 2014 at 4:34 pm Reply

    please send me the recipe for Mambo Munch Chocolate Bark

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