Suja Juice Wassail To You and Whiskey For Christmas

I finally picked up Suja Juice “Wassail To You” at Whole Foods. You’ll only find this seasonal juice at Whole Foods – as it is a Whole Foods exclusive. If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you – well, you should probably stop reading this because you’re going to get totally sad you can’t make this holiday drink for Christmas. Or everyday.

This Wassail to You is pretty fantastic, even though it’s a bit sweet. I can’t get enough of these holiday spices, and nothing reminds me of holiday than these spices in an alcoholic beverage warmed up to get me warm and toasty (even in 80 degree weather). This sweetness bodes well for a good alcoholic drink – especially if it’s “not appropriate” to drink straight whiskey at your holiday occasion.

What you need:
Wassail to You by Suja Juice 12 oz.
Enough whiskey to forget about holiday drama

Heat Wassail to You to warm, but not burn-your-mouth hot
Add in whiskey, a lot of whiskey
Stir, Sip, Enjoy…then make more

Suja Juice Wassail To You

Here’s where you can find more information about the Suja Juice Wassail To You:

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