Celiac Disease Awareness Month Celiac Non-Profits #CDAM15

It’s the last day of Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Man, what a crazy month! We’re so excited that you could hang out with us on this month-long journey celebrating YOU! I’m hoping you had a great month! Have you shared about your disease and your specialty diet with others? Have you informed at least one person about the seriousness of celiac disease? Have you helped a restaurant understand what it really means to eat gluten free? Are you constantly advocating for yourself and for others? What have YOU done to take advantage of the month dedicated JUST TO YOU?

Today we’re celebrating the hard work of all of the gluten-free and celiac-focused non-profits that work tirelessly to help our cause! Today we’re featuring three of the big players that have personally helped me out in our journey and have helped countless others achieve a healthy and active life after diagnosis.

Celiac Disease Foundation

You might know CDF for their annual CDF Conference and Expo that they put on every year. It’s one of my favorite events and you can read all about my 2015 experience here. Consider taking a trip to Pasadena, CA for the 2016 event next spring – I’ll see you there!

Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo

Gluten Intolerance Group

You probably know GIG from all their work with the Certified Gluten Free label that you actively search for on all of your products! This certification I trust – I’ve met the food scientists that visit every factory, analyze everything to make sure that we are kept safe. You might also know GIG from their Chef to Plate program that I just wrote about with Gluten Free and More magazine.

Gluten Intolerance Group

GIG is donating a cookbook to one lucky winner! You can purchase the cookbook for only $20.00 online.

GIG Cookbook

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Check out their latest SERIOUSLY, CELIAC campaign. It’s one of the most moving campaigns out there and I’m so happy to support them in all of their efforts to rebrand celiac disease to a serious disease to be taken…well…seriously.

NFCA has donating a gift pack for a lucky winner with Celiac and the Beast and #CDAM15!

NFCA Prize Pack

Please take one minute and visit each of these websites. If you can, please donate something – anything – to each of these organizations that work SO hard for the gluten-free community. Their efforts behind the scenes are so powerful and I’m so pleased to have worked with each of these organizations, donated to each one, and work hard to make sure they get the credit they deserve. These are the organizations that help make Celiac Disease Awareness Month for you – making your life so much better as a celiac in 2015. Let’s take a moment and thank them!

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    Thanks again for the great month!

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