Celiac Disease Awareness Month Munk Pack #CDAM15

As you probably have seen, I travel a lot. I’m always at a conference or festival, and much of that time is spent on my feet (or on my butt with my laptop open scribbling notes) without thinking about when the next safe meal is going to show up. I often rely on shelf-stable vegan protein shakes, meat sticks, and pouches to fill me up in case I miss a meal. While I have found great adult-themed packs like Mamma Chia, and with the launch of Nutiva’s apple sauce packets, squeeze packets are not just for kids anymore.

Turns out the folks who created Munk Pack – our next product – agree! They stated, “we discovered the convenience of pouches, which allow you to keep foods non-perishable without the use of artificial preservatives. Turns out, the spouted pouch is not just for kids’ snacks or apple sauces – adults love it too!”


Best part? They are certified gluten-free!

Let’s get to know Munk Pack a little better. Munk Pack uses gluten-free oats and non-GMO ingredients combined to make a hearty meal-on-the-go for a more active lifestyle than baby food. They currently have three flavors: Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax and Raspberry Coconut. They use real rolled oats, not oat flour in these packs. All three are vegan and kosher too – and totally ChipMUNK approved!

Also, you probably all know that I’m a super fan of branding. These guys are doing it right! Their website is like going on a hike with a wilderness lover, with gluten-free squeeze packs in hand. Munk Packs are good for the urban adventurer (ex. sitting in a convention center for 12 hours) or the wilderness gal packing a bag full of shelf-stable food for camping, biking, and exploring.





Munk Pack is currently available to purchase in real life in the northeast (make sure you use the store locator to see if it’s close to you). If you live outside that region, like me, they have one of their flavors on Amazon.com, but we’re hoping they expand really soon!

Munk Pack is a paid #CDAM15 Sponsor and they’re giving one lucky winner a Chipmunk-a-licious Munk Pack prize so you can find your own adventure! Enter to win using the Rafflecopter below. Please follow the terms and conditions found in the Rafflecopter widget! Thanks Munk Pack for being a part of of Celiac Disease Awareness Month – so please visit them on social media and thank them!

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  1. Elyssa May 7, 2015 at 8:20 am Reply

    So happy we’ve been able to connect (and support!) a travel bug like yourself. Thanks for sharing Munk Pack with your amazing fans!

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