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Hi Celiac and the Beast readers! It’s the tail end of summer – even though it’s still blazing hot in Arizona (114 – please go away). And while I’ve never believed in the idea of a bikini body (if you have a bikini, and a body, you have a bikini body, it’s that simple), summer is still an important season to focus on our bodies and our health. I may not be focusing on how good my new Pure Bare booty looks, but I’m sure as heck focusing on all the great things I’m doing to get my body back in shape after injuries. CVS is also focusing on health, with their #CVSHealthySolutions campaign. I’m honored to be a part of it and sharing a whole bunch of cool CVS products in the next few weeks.

When I met with CVS PR reps earlier this year, I was really impressed that you could find gluten-free, and even certified gluten-free snacks at your local CVS. Yes, the place that you go to pick up your prescriptions is also the place you can go to shop for snacks.

You can find a bunch of gluten-free products, including these certified gluten-free snacks, in the household and grocery section online. Online even lets you select gluten-free snacks. Look particularly for the CVS GOLD EMBLEM ABOUND line.

Certified (yes, CERTIFIED) gluten-free snacks from this line include:

#CVSHealthySolutions #CVSHealthySolutions #CVSHealthySolutions

These snacks are great to keep in your car, in your office, and in your pantry for snacking! And they’re made from wholesome ingredients like fruit! Keeping healthy means choosing your snacks wisely – like choosing baked snacks over fried snacks. Like choosing fruit over pretzels (okay, but you can still have pretzels sometimes). And always, choosing certified gluten-free products!

I’m particularly in love with the freeze-dried banana chips. I can easily go through a bag without noticing. You want to know my new favorite thing?


One of my favorite snacks is a banana, cut up, with SunButter on top. Maybe some cinnamon or pumpkin spice on top as an extra treat. But you can’t take that on the go! How are you going to get those slimy sticky banana slices to stay put? The solution is using these freeze-dried banana chips. They taste exactly like a banana (because it is – just a banana) with no sugar added unlike other banana chips. You can take that easily on-the-go without hassle. Problem, solved.

Photo credit: SunButter.com

Photo credit: SunButter.com – click on photo to visit SunButter.com

As for the strawberries? Here are some ideas on how to use those amazing little yummies:

  • Using a food processor, turn them into a powder and add them into cupcake or muffin batter, or use in cupcake icing.
  • Add the whole pieces directly into baked goods (you might have to adjust liquid content) like pancakes, muffins, cupcakes or quick bread.

PS, before you go on a shopping binge for all these new certified gluten-free items, You’ve just got to sign up for a CVS Extra card. I constantly get 25% emails for my entire purchase – just wish it worked on my many pricey subscriptions (thanks autoimmune disease). Sometimes I wonder why I don’t do all of my shopping there. It seems like they have everything!


I want you to have a chance to win a gift package (including a gift card, yay!) from CVS/Pharmacy, so you can experience the same fun that I had on this campaign. Use the rafflecopter below in order to gain entry into the sweepstakes, and make sure you read the terms and conditions before you enter! Stay tuned, you’ll have more opportunities to gain additional entries throughout the week!

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**Disclosure: Celiac and the Beast is beyond excited to partner with CVS/Pharmacy for this campaign. I’m being sponsored by CVS/Pharmacy for my posts and corresponding activities on my social media, but all opinions expressed are my own – as always! All product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.**

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  1. Sheryl Edwards September 2, 2015 at 9:56 pm Reply

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I love to shop at CVS!

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