October/November Issue of Gluten Free and More Magazine Out Now!

The October/November Issue of Gluten Free and More Magazine is FINALLY out! I’ve seen many photos of subscribers that have received their issue already.

Gluten Free More August September

Here are some of the things I wrote in this latest issue:

A Slice of Heaven: Recap of the best gluten-free pies and pie crusts.

Don’t Miss This: Product Feature – lots of CATB friends like Enjoy Life Foods baking mixes, Munk Pack, and Namaste’s new Organic Pumpkin Baking Mix.

Trade In & Trade Up: trading in your bummer Halloween treats for way better yummies!

Holiday Hot Spots: What’s Hiding In Your Meal (a prep for Thanksgiving and the dangers at the table)

Here are some other amazing things that I’m not talented enough to write about: 

Ask The Chef: ex. “My gluten-free cakes are flat and so dense. Is there any way to avoid this?”

Halloween Guide: make your own mini sunflower butter cups

Tailgate Party: Garlic Guacamole and Cranberry Mojitos anyone?

Cast Iron Chef by Laura B. Russell – with skillet chicken paella and believe me I’ve had this woman’s paella in her very own home and kitchen and she’s one of the most talented chefs ever!

Spatchcocked Leek and Garlic Turkey – I’m totally doing this!

Gluten & GERD (yes, I had this as a HUGE symptom before diagnosed!)

A Closer Look at Probiotics


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  1. Munk Pack September 9, 2015 at 9:25 am Reply

    Thanks so much for the writeup, Erica!

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