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New Year’s is always one of the hardest times. The first few weeks, we’re inundated with newsletters that shout the word DIET, DETOX, WEIGHT LOSS, FITNESS, and other terrible words that are unfortunately not “cookies” “cakes” or “candy” like the past few months. But it’s always the time of the year for renewal of spirit, making resolutions, and pledging to do everything you can to drop those last 5 lbs. While I cannot seem to drop the weight I put on after several rounds of medication, I see no harm in taking a deeper look at your routines during the new year. While going on juice fasts or becoming vegan out of nowhere, or devoting your life to paleo and crossfit for no reason other than seeing it on a blog post isn’t my forte this time of year, there’s no harm in trying to be a better you – whatever that may be. This this where BabbleBox comes in. The great thing about this box full of products was that only one was focused strictly on dieting – the book below. Most of the other noms inside were ways to improve your already awesome life.

BabbleBoxx is not a subscription service – it’s an exclusive box with products that gets delivered to a limited number of social media influencers. I am a social media influencer – go figure – and received this complimentary box in hopes that I would talk about all the nifty stuff inside. And lucky for everyone – it’s all gluten free! Let’s take a glance inside the Revamp Your Routine BabbleBox and see what’s inside!

Babble Boxx


Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel On-the-Go Refreshingly Clean Towelettes

Dickinson's Logo

Pledge to be more natural. Alright – done! I’ve already revamped most of my bath & body line to be free from not only gluten, but also parabens and junk we don’t need on our skin. This is the only individually wrapped towelette to use 100% natural witch hazel. This would be great for after barre, or for traveling – after a flight, or after a long day on the expo show floor. It’s got aloe to help keep your skin moist and is good for people with sensitive skin, like myself.



Stash Tea

Stash Tea Logo

Pledge to drink better. In case you’ve been living under a rock, tumeric is the new “it” ingredient for inflammation – something us digestive disease nerds have to worry about. While I’ve been attempting supplements, the best way I’ve found to add more into my diet is drinking it – specifically in tea. This Stash Organic Gold Cup Chai w/ Turmeric is so delicious. I need to find this and start buying this in bulk. It’s probably the tastiest turmeric tea I’ve had, and I’ve tried several. It’s got cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, and clove. I’ve been having at least one cup a day. You can drink it plain, or with a little organic sweetener and alternative milk.

Stash also included Organic Lavender Tulsi – which is supposed to also be calming, along with lavender (which we all should use an essential oil for calming and for snoozin’ too).

WHERE CAN I BUY THIS: Want to save on Stash tea? Use promo code: BABBLE15 for 15% off entire online order at Valid from Jan 4th-Feb 12th 2016.


Cold-EEZE® Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu lozenges

Cold-EEZE Logo

Pledge to not get sick when everyone is sneezing, coughing, and spreading germs everywhere. I’ve been using a generic knock-off of these for the past few months in order to ward off a massive cold that I suffered in September. So far, using zinc gluconate (the main ingredient in these), I’ve been able to shorten the duration of a cold, even with my crappy immune system. The NEW Cold-EEZE® Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu lozenges are supposed to not only shorten your cold but also help relieve cough, congestion and sore throat. And yes, these are free from gluten containing ingredients.



Stop & Drop Diet Book


Stop & Drop Diet by Liz Vaccariello teaches you easy ways to stop eating unhealthy versions of food you love and healthier substitutes you should start eating instead – intended to help you drop the weight. There is a mix-and-match 21-day meal plan designed for fast weight loss and balanced nutrition. For each phase, the Stop & Drop Diet offers a suggested breakdown of calories per meal, spreading your calorie intake out roughly evenly throughout the day. Their aim is a balance between calories and nutrition – also factoring in availability and taste.



Birch Benders Pancakes

Birch Benders Logo

A few years ago I had a chance to check out Birch Benders and their gluten-free pancakes at Expo West. While they do contain eggs and dairy, I’ve heard they are delicious! They also include hazelnut meal – which I love – but please take note nut allergy folks! You just have to add water and you’ll have an organic gluten-free pancake ready to go. They also offer a Paleo blend that is grain-free and soy-free as well. It’s made with cassava, coconut, and almond flour and does not contain dairy, but does contain eggs (and obviously nuts).

WHERE CAN I BUY THIS: : $4.99 for Gluten Free, $5.99 for Paleo

**DISCLAIMER: I was paid to review this BabbleBox, but this does not affect my passion for those brands involved in the box, which were discussed before I agreed to accept this assignment.**

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  1. Elle @ Only Taste Matters January 7, 2016 at 4:10 pm Reply

    What a great selection! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Sharon @ What The Fork Food Blog January 7, 2016 at 8:31 pm Reply

    That tea sounds great! I’ve been trying to include turmeric in more of our meals. Also, you just reminded me that I’ve got some hazelnut flour somewhere in the back of my fridge that I need to find…

  3. Bain February 9, 2016 at 4:50 pm Reply

    Hm, never heard of BabbleBoxx. Interesting mix of items inside. I’m going to have to look out for those pancakes (one more reason to make sure I get to Expo West this year).

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