Love Beets: Beets Are So Hot in 2016

Love Beets Smoky BBQ Sweet Potato Hash


Beets are experiencing somewhat of a revolution right now. Beet coloring is super popular to make pinks and reds and purples naturally. Beet chips are now in supermarket shelves and Love Beets are taking over the refrigerated section in your store.

I’ve tried Love Beets at every Expo West since they’ve been around and so far they’re my favorite beet company on the market – making beets relevant again. Typically I’ve always just roasted beets or ordered salads with beets on them, but I don’t tend to have them on-hand in my house. Love Beets makes it a lot easier with their line of packaged pre-prepared beets and beet juice drinks.

Love Beets Smoky-BBQ Sweet Potato Hash

These Love Beets shredded beets are good to go – they don’t have to be roasted, baked, or even shredded (thank god because my hands look like an episode of Dexter after I chop beets). These Smoky-BBQ beets are not overly flavored – so please don’t avoid them because you think they are going to taste like BBQ Lay’s potato chips. They just have a vinegar and sweetness to them – more like a hint of smokiness. I thought this was a great taste to add to one of my favorite versatile items on my menu arsenal – sweet potato hash. Hash is so easy to make, and if you’re like me, you always have the ingredients on hand.

Love Beets Smoky BBQ Sweet Potato Hash


1 cup sweet potatoes – cubed

1 cup mixed organic potatoes – cubed

1/2 cup yellow onions – diced

1 jalapeno – seeded and chopped small

1 clove garlic – diced small

1/2 package Love Beets Smoky-BBQ sliced beets

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil

**Optional: diced red bell pepper or green bell pepper and/or 1/4 lb. ground chicken or turkey (cooked prior to adding to the hash)**

Love Beets Smoky BBQ Sweet Potato Hash


Super easy here folks. All you’ve got to do is throw everything except the beets into a saute pan with some olive oil (for this I used Winona Olive Oil Spray) and salt and pepper. Make sure the potatoes are cooked all the way through before you toss in the Love Beets until they are warmed and everything is now pink – TADA!

Love Beets Smoky BBQ Sweet Potato Hash Love Beets Smoky BBQ Sweet Potato Hash

Serve this as a meal itself, a side to breakfast meats or served with a sunny side up egg! This can also be a dinner when you add in the optional ground chicken or turkey!

Want more details about Love Beets? Here are some other gluten-free products from Love Beets that are exciting!

Cherry Beet Bar
Yes, they have BARS – three flavors in fact! There are 7 grams of protein in one of these bars and they gluten-free and nut-free too. Here are the ingredients in a sample bar: Beet Juice Concentrate, Cherry (Cherry, Apple Juice Concentrate), Chicory Root Fiber, Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Millet Meal, Protein Blend (Whole Grain Rice Protein, Pea Protein Isolate), Pectin, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, Dried Orange Pulp.

Organic Beet Juice
It’s way better than it sounds guys. You can drink these beet juices straight out of the bootle or use them in smoothies. They are just 100% juice (1% lemon and the rest all beets).

Don’t hate on beets – let Love Beets convince you that beets can be a tasty (and easy) addition to your diet!

Shop for Love Beets on their online store here:

**DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post from Mambo Sprouts for Love Beets. While I was compensated for this post, it does not have an effect on how or why I can promote a great brand like Love Beets.**

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