Happy Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Finds


April 22nd is the day that we should re-focus on how we live our life – as sustainably as possible, putting the Earth – and how we leave it – top on our priority list (or at least after keeping the kids and pets alive and well). But the cliche sticks – celebrate Earth Day every day. Rethink what you do on a daily basis and how you can make it better for you, your family, and for the planet.  

Natural, sustainable living is easier—and more fun—than ever with these smart, practical items. I’ve seen most of these at Expo West and natural product shows. I love finding products that are just as effective as traditional products without the chemicals! Look for them in your local natural products store.


EarthKind Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention

Eco Products for Earth Day

EarthKind’s Stay Away products are the first pest prevention line to be made solely with essential oils and plant fiber—nothing else. With options for ants, moths, spiders, and rodents, the scents target pests differently (e.g. the oils drive away spider prey, and interfere with a spider’s ability to sense prey).

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Eco Products for Earth Day

A closed-loop, sustainable farm that fits on your kitchen counter? Sign me up. Back to the Roots’ Water Garden (formerly AquaFarm) converts ammonia-rich fish waste into nitrates that feed the plants growing above. In return, the plants clean the fish’s water, and you get food out of the whole deal. You even get a coupon for a free fish! Please note that it does include wheat grass to plant, but you can not plant that and plant other seeds instead.


Eco Products for Earth Day

The Growoya is a terracotta water vessel that is planted in the ground, allowing plants to withdraw only the water they need (and reducing garden water waste by 70%).


Eco Products for Earth Day

Based on a traditional Native American technique for growing lots of food in small spaces, each SeedBallz is handrolled by people with disabilities in Illinois, and contains non-GMO seeds and organic soil. Over 25 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and culinary herbs are available.

Under the Canopy Organic Clothing & Household Textiles

Eco Products for Earth Day

Under the Canopy aims to change the fashion and textile industries from the inside out, featuring an entire line of apparel, bedding, and household textiles crafted using 100% certified organic cotton. Ethical, transparent manufacturing methods are used from farm to finished fashion, and all items meet the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Founder Marci Zaroff also helped Fair Trade USA develop the first USA Fair Trade certification for textiles.




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