#CDAM17 Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is celiac disease awareness month, and although we are 24/7 constantly aware that we have celiac disease, this is a special month to celebrate how awesome it is to be a celiac in 2017. We’ve got products for everyone, any diet style, that’s safe. We have technology to help find gluten in our products. We have cures, vaccines and enzymes in the future that can help us manage our disease better. Research is prevalent in our issues and we’re no longer considered a rare disease!So – let’s throw a party and celebrate!

This post will house all of the details you need to find our daily giveaways! Want reminders? Join our #CDAM17 Celiac and the Beast Facebook event to get notifications when new giveaways are posted!


STAY TUNED FOR MAY 2017 for #CDAM17 with Celiac and the Beast!

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