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Zumba at OptumCare® Community Center

OptumCare Community Center: I Survived “Senior” Zumba

As someone who hasn’t always had mobility, especially mobility that someone my age typically has, I really love any activity… Continue reading »

Does a positive celiac gene test mean I have celiac disease- What do the celiac gene test results mean-

What If My Celiac Gene Test Is Positive?

With the addition of the celiac gene test added to health report, I have a feeling that everyone will… Continue reading »

why you need a celiac diagnosis

Why Do I Need a Celiac Diagnosis?

I always get the question “why do I need a celiac diagnosis?” This is usually because people think because non-celiac… Continue reading »

Celiac Screening + Celiac Biopsy Follow Up with New Hope Network

Follow Up Biopsies with Celiac – Are You Healing?

In a recent post from Delicious Living doctors studying children with celiac in Boston, were surprised at the number of children who still… Continue reading »

Celiac Disease is Serious

Seriously Celiac Disease Campaign with National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY. Celiac disease is a SERIOUS autoimmune disease. But why aren’t we taken seriously? Seriously!?!? Is it because we… Continue reading »

Keep Calm and Get Tested For Celiac Disease

Screening and Diagnostic Testing For Celiac Disease – DO IT RIGHT!

Guys, I cannot urge you ENOUGH to get properly tested for celiac disease before going gluten-free. There are too many… Continue reading »

Pure Barre

An Out-of-Shape Celiac vs. Pure Barre

Update: I’ve taken over 600 classes at Pure Barre since 2012, and if I can do it – with ehlers… Continue reading »