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How to Call the FDA for gluten-free food

Reporting a Gluten-Free Food to the FDA

Picture this. You just went on a gluten-free shopping spree and bought a ton of new gluten-free things. As you’re… Continue reading »

Why the Gluten Free FDA labeling ruling matters

Aug 5th Gluten Free FDA Labeling Just a Start

August 5th is a huge day for the gluten-free community. I tried to put together all you need to know… Continue reading »

EVENT: International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013 ICDS

I can’t be more excited to go to ICDS 2013 Clinical Forum. It won’t be back in the US for… Continue reading »

FDA Defines What Is Gluten Free

Today FDA (the Food and Drug Administration – the overlords of our food and drugs), posted their final ruling on… Continue reading »