Last Minute Gluten-Free Halloween

It’s the day before Halloween and I’ve been a little preoccupied with numerous doctor appointments. I have one bag of candy and I don’t even have a costume to wear. I’m starting to panic, but then I wanted to take a few minutes and think about something really creative that I could do that involved my Celiac. My buddy Glam Without Gluten posted a hilarious video about some halloween costumes that involved our gluten-free lifestyle (my favorite was the GF police idea). I’ve included a few of my top ideas. Add more in the comments!

Scary stalk of wheat – go to Michaels (or another awesome craft store) and buy fake wheat and glue to a t-shirt and wear vampire fangs. Go around saying “I want to steal your nutrients!”

Wheat Belly – Carry a copy of Wheat Belly around and stuff your shirt with pillows to create a large belly. Bonus points if you wear their t-shirt. Yes, apparently they even sell a Wheat Belly t-shirt.

Zombie Celiac – Go as yourself in zombie make-up and tell people that you’ve been living in a zombie-like haze because you realize that the restaurant you love to eat at actually prepares your food in an unsafe¬†environment. Bonus if you give yourself mouth ulcers and lose 10 lbs to make it seem more real (but seriously, don’t do that.)

Gluten-free Gallagher – Dress up as Gallagher but instead of smashing watermelons, smash every piece of candy that is on the GLUTEN-FREE SAFE HALLOWEEN CANDY LIST.

Doctor who understands gluten sensitivities – Wear scrubs and pass out Rx for a gluten-free diet, IgA tests, genetic tests, or endoscopies.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Dress adorable, carry a coffee cup that has The View logo on it, and a copy of her GFree Diet book. Be upbeat and positive and talk people’s ear off about how a gluten-free diet makes you feel 100% better

Gluten Free Food Hoarder – Push a shopping cart full of gluten-free packaged goods and stuff gluten-free coupons everywhere – coming out of your shirt, pants, etc. Tell everyone that there’s a sale on XYZ product at XYZ store. Yell “25% off all gluten-free food at Sprouts” to random people on the street.

Celiac and the Beast – Wear your “No Wheat No Rye No Barely Gluten Free” shirt out with a pair of jeans, and ask everyone that you meet if you can review their product and blog about it. Mandatory stops at every gluten-free support group. Bonus points if you carry around a MacBook, iPhone, and a handful of KIND bars.

Hope you guys have a very safe and very spooky Halloween 2012!

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  1. Alysa (InspiredRD) October 30, 2012 at 3:06 pm Reply

    Love them all! Happy Halloween!

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