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Enteral Health’s TUMMY DROPS

Tummy Drops

Tummy Drops

They are strong – so that’s my first and final warning. If you’ve tried Gin-Gins before, know that the ginger Tummy Drops are stronger than those. They certainly have a  bite in them, but if you’re a fan of ginger, you can appreciate it. I never liked ginger as a kid, but when I started eating sushi, I started to have real ginger and I started to appreciate what it did as a spice. Since then I’ve been incorporating ginger into my cooking as well as my eating routine.

As for my nausea, they worked awesome. I love taking ginger on plane flights, car rides, or after big meals or when gastroparesis strikes. This was a great new addition into my arsenal to combat nausea! I think that I am going to replace my Gin-GIn candy with these – I think the ginger is much more powerful than what is available with Gin-Gin products. I would definitely buy the ginger drops again.

The natural ginger drops get a 5 out of 5 wheat stalks – I will buy these again for my own stomach.

[ratings wheat=”5″]

The spearmint drops don’t get such a rave review. Although they are good, I just don’t think that I’m a spearmint fan and/or find it useful for combating nausea. Although I used them after dinner, I don’t think they were as effective for me as the ginger ones.

Spearmint tummy drops gets a 3 out of 5. I didn’t really like them or find them effective for me.

[ratings wheat=”3″]

I highly recommend the ginger Tummy Drops.

The tummy drops contain no gluten and are made in a gluten-free facility, and are kosher certified. You can purchase them directly from Enteral Health on your next Amazon order or at a Whole Foods that stocks the product!. There’s about 30 pieces in a bag and retail around $11. They are SO worth it – I’m totally addicted!

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