#CATBbook Update: Celiac and the Beast Gluten-Free Lifestyle Book

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I had an amazing book launch party in Plano, TX with the Dallas Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo. Thank you to everyone who purchased a book, picked up a CATB book card, or expressed interest in my writing. I am SO happy that it is out and ready to meet all of you!

#CATBbook Launch Party

#CATBbook Launch Party

You can purchase the book on PayPal at the link here. To be honest, I get more revenue if people purchase the book directly from me, but I get counted on Author Rank if you purchase off of Amazon.com. Basically, if you just buy the book – wherever you buy it – you’re awesome. You can purchase the book on Amazon.com (as well as the Kindle version too) here. Please rate it on Amazon.com to help me out!Here’s how you can buy your iBook on the Apple store here! Please rate it on iTunes! It’s available on Barnes & Noble on Nook here. You can also find it on KOBO here!

I’m so thankful for such positive, amazing early reviews. Some night have been really hard lately – just tired, cranky, exhausted with everything, and these comments are making me refreshed and ready to write more. It’s an amazing feeling, better than any author rank on the planet. I can’t wait for all of you to get the book and give me your own review. Reviews are great – they help others understand from a third-party if this book is worthy of their purchase. I would really appreciate you to take a minute after you read the book and leave your thoughts on those sites!





Barnes & Noble 

Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for making this a reality. I seriously couldn’t have done it without you, YES YOU.

High Five Liz Lemon

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