SkratchKabin Review: Cat Bed By KatKabin

If you follow my Instagram, you already know about #TERRIBLEMURPH, the hashtag I put on every photo of our ginger cat Murphy. You might also know about Mushu, or less-photogenic and shy tortie. While I haven’t had a cat since I was a child, NonGFBF came with these two beauties and made a forever home in my heart – even if Murphy does eat everything in site and bites me and my friends. And chews up all of my expensive handbags. But besides that, they’re great.

At BlogHer 2014, I had a chance to learn more about Pets Add Life (read more about my BlogHer 2014 recap here) and met with the Impetus Agency. Full disclosure, I asked to work with them in reviewing gluten-free pet products for the little devils. I received an email not long after about the SkratchKabin. The giant package actually arrived while I was out at another conference, and the dude set it up and I received the most adorable photo of little Murph in the kabin!

SkratchKabin on

SkratchKabin on

So what is the SkratchKabin? 

According to the site, “the SkratchKabin™ the KatKabin® cat scratching furniture provides your cat with a warm, cozy place to sleep, together with a curved, textured scratching surface. This innovative cat bed cat scratcher design gives your fabulous feline the chance to relax and exercise his natural instincts to scratch – while helping to ensure your sofas and soft furnishings are saved from claw damage.”

While the kids have the entire house to roam around and sleep on everything (and anything) that isn’t inside the fridge or washing machine, sometimes they want a private area to sleep. Mushu used to crawl under the bed and sleep to escape from everyone. KatKabins give the cats a “dog house” like environment inside, and yet another surface to sleep on (as I’ve found them sleeping on top of the Kabin too). While both cats are declawed up front (not by our choice), they often “scratch” on it as well.

SkratchKabin featuring Mushu

SkratchKabin featuring Mushu

SkratchKabin Features:

  • Irresistible curved, textured scratching surface helps to protect your furniture, carpets and curtains from claw damage
  • Helps to keep your cats from furniture by providing them with a cosy place of their own to sleep and hide
  • Stylish design to complement any interior
  • Washable KatKushion supplied as standard
  • Free toy hanger and free sisal mouse (we don’t use this anymore)
  • Overall dimensions: L: 20″ (51cm) x W: 16″ (41cm) x H: 13″ (32cm)
  • Internal dimensions: L: 16″ (40cm) x W: 15″ (38cm) x H: 11″ (28cm)
  • Door opening: W: 6.5″ (16cm) x H: 7″ (17.5cm)
  • Available in oatmeal, blueberry, and cocoa (the color of mine).
  • Comes with a machine washable KatKushion on the inside.
SkratchKabin featuring Murphy

SkratchKabin featuring Murphy

I would love to see the ability to purchase multiple of these kabins and actually stack them up – two to three high. Our cats love height and love exploring high cave-like entities (mostly book shelves and kitchen cabinets. I’d like to see the stacking happen in the next iteration of the kabins. We love our SkratchKabin and the kitschy cat ears that fit right into our home. If you’ve got a cat – especially if they like to scratch – add this to your cat arsenal.

PRICE: $99.00
WHERE TO BUY: or others at

PS they also have the KATKABIN – which is an indoor outdoor house without the scratchable exterior that is more weather proof, and even comes with a cat door. To learn more about this product, visit it here.

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  1. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) January 1, 2015 at 9:39 pm Reply

    My cats NEED this! 🙂 My cats would like a high one too! Great idea with stacking!

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