Sur La Table & KitchenAid Excursion for IFBC

Here I am at my third International Food Bloggers Conference here in Seattle! This is also my second year attending the KitchenAid/Sur La Table excursion where we get to preview the products that should/will be on everyone cook’s “santa wish list.” There are some pretty awesome gadgets out there, so here’s a preview of some of my favorite things I found. Get ready with a pen, a post-it note, and reminder of all the good things you’ve done this year and why you deserve another square foot of counter space in the kitchen.

Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

First off, I was blown away by their new spiralizer attachment for the KitchenAid stand mixer. If you like zoodles, you need this. ANYTHING CAN BE SPIRALIZED (okay, totally an exaggeration because I just thought about someone trying to spiralize a log of cookie dough). Plus, you’ll have LONG noodles, not just the small noodles that you get out of a handheld spiralizer. I watched this thing take down squash, and then…wait for it, PEEL AND SPIRALIZE AND APPLE. It was pretty legit. I even took a video of it on Instagram for you to watch the magic happen.Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

We also got to see how the fancy-schmancy KitchenAid Precision Press works and how to feed it the right type/grind of coffee. According to the SLT site, it has an integrated scale and timer to precisely weigh grounds and water, and perfectly time the brewing process for full flavor extraction. It’s also pretty cool looking to keep on your counter next to your stand mixer. I, luckily, got to take one home and I’m excited to become even more of a coffee snob (you hear me, Stumptown?).

Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

We received a complimentary Nordicware pan for the fall season outfitted with pumpkins. But how adorable are these holiday ones? You can make a holiday gingerbread-esque house without all of the work!

Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

No one needs an automatic milk frother. But doesn’t everyone WANT an automatic milk frother? Wonder how it will work with rice milk?

Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

This new blender from KitchenAid is revolutionary. Why? One, it sets into the unit, not resting on top. Two, it is MAGNETIC (MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORK!?!?!), not with the whirly-gig at the bottom – which happens to the most likely part to break on a blender. It also has a 7 year warranty (longer than most new cars). Check out the KitchenAid Magnetic Drive Torrent Blender!Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

Another hit was the E’Cuchina air fryer. I’ve never heard of an air fryer before but it looks awesome and they sealed the deal with telling me it makes great french fries. Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

AND ALCOHOL. Because moscow mules are super hot right now – they’ve got the mug and the pint glasses in copper and stainless steel. And yes, we were told that whiskey stones are still hot right now. Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

And if you’re into gluten-free beer, you’ve got to check out these new Klean Kanteen growlers. They’re fabulous looking and I want one just for something – not beer, maybe iced coffee, they’re just way cool looking.Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

And of course, because IFBC is known for amazing swag, I’d like to thank Sur La Table and KitchenAid for the great swag that I’m taking home. And totally you know that some of this will make its way into a giveaway for you guys because I adore you and in no way can I use all of this stuff cooking for two (plus two cats but they don’t need french press coffee). Sur La Table & KitchenAid IFBC

**Disclaimer: As a blogger I am required to write about my time at IFBC, however as you know I love all of these brands and would probably write about them anyways because I’m a kitchen gadget hoarder. Sur La Table and KitchenAid provided swag to all attendees. **

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    That afternoon was so Tumblr, as my 12 year old says!

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