Vitamin B12, Come Back, My Body Misses You

I’m struggling again. This time, not with controlling my celiac, and not with my hypermobility disorder (although that’s a constant struggle). I’m struggling with fatigue and energy. Because I’m struggling, I needed to recheck my nutrient deficiencies and once again I found that I am lacking some key nutrients – like vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Here’s some facts about B12 from NIH!

Vitamin B12 is found naturally in a wide variety of animal foods and is added to some fortified foods. Plant foods have no vitamin B12 unless they are fortified. You can get recommended amounts of vitamin B12 by eating a variety of foods including the following: Beef liver and clams, which are the best sources of vitamin B12. Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and other dairy products, which also contain vitamin B12. Some breakfast cereals, nutritional yeasts and other food products that are fortified with vitamin B12.

What happens if I don’t get enough vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 deficiency causes tiredness, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, and megaloblastic anemia. Nerve problems, such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, can also occur. Other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include problems with balance, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue. Vitamin B12 deficiency can damage the nervous system even in people who don’t have anemia, so it is important to treat a deficiency as soon as possible.

So, naturally, I was excited to see more about B12 in Delicious Living – part of the New Hope Network that I am working with as a preferred blogger. Here are some B12 facts + tips in a handy infographic, along with natural energy tips and strategies from Delicious Living and Hero Nutritionals.

Natural Ways to Feel Energized

I’m now back on a supplement for B12 and paying attention to make sure what goes into my body to manage my fatigue and nutritional deficiencies. What about you – have you ever tested your nutrient levels? What is your body lacking and how are you solving this?

This post contains sponsored content from Delicious Living and Hero Nutritionals as part of the New Hope Blogger program.


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