Mind YOUR Gap with MegaFood! Do you need supplements?

I met MegaFood at ShiftCon, where I received several samples of the product. I was initially interested in this brand because it seemed incredibly clean – no fillers or nonsense – just a bunch of real food. They also partnered with celiac-friendly brands like Lundberg Family Farms and Uncle Matt’s to source some of their high-quality ingredients. All of their supplements are NSF certified gluten free, vegetarian, soy-free and dairy-free too. I was happy to find a brand that I didn’t have to worry about – because I’ve got enough of that to go around!

Mega Food

This year, I pledge to mind MY gap with supplements. Over the years I’ve dabbled with supplementation. I especially focused on it after my blood work came back deficient on a lot of things that I’ve been trying to balance everything out since then.

After hearing Dr. Low Dog speak at ShiftCon 2016, I was so motivated to get my supplementation in check. Check out her newest book Fortify Your Life – it’s an incredible education in supplementation and how our standard american diet just isn’t cutting it for providing all the nutrients our body needs. Yes, I strive to get in all of my vitamins and minerals in from my diet – but let’s face it, how much kale can you eat in a day without crying. While I try to add veggies to every meal, it’s simply not enough. Even during the meals that I go vegan, I feel like I’m missing something.

MegaFood Multi For Women

Mind YOUR gap by taking their multi and pledge with MegaFood. The first 20,000 people who pledge will receive a $5 off coupon and all will be entered for a chance to win a year’s supply of MegaFood multi vitamins and a wellness getaway. MegaFood will donate 1 bottle of their multi vitamins for every pledge (up to 20,000) to someone in need, as well as a donation to non-profit Wholesome Wave, equivalent to 2 servings of fresh fruits & veggies per pledge for those in need. You’ll benefit by closing your own nutritional gap with their high-quality products (no, I’m not paid to say that, I just really like their stuff!).

After you pledge, check out which multi vitamin is right for you. I’ve been taking the Multi for Women. And don’t miss the chance to RSVP to their Facebook LIVE launch event on February 7th from 11am-5pm EST! I’ll be there!

I also receive samples of some of their Daily Nutrient Booster Powders  – including Daily C Protect and Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder. You can add these unsweetened powders to smoothies or shakes for a little extra boost. Their ingredients read like a grocery list – like oranges, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, and more. I’m excited to try these in my lunch-time smoothies. They taste just like they would seem – tart fruit (but not sweet) and turmeric (like a golden milk latte).

Check out your local natural food store – like a Sprouts or a Whole Foods – to find MegaFood supplements near you.

**DISCLOSURE: I was provided free samples and swag from MegaFood**

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