Gluten-Free Sunscreen + After Sun Repair with Goddess Garden

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Living in Arizona, I’ve had to learn about sunscreen since I was little. Since we’re practically living on the surface of the sun, I’ve also had to learn about skin repair after bad sunburns. We planted aloe plants so I could cut them up and put aloe vera all over my skin. As I grew up, I learned how nasty it was to get sunburned regularly, and to go tanning. My first dermatologist appointment I was scolded for how much time I spent in the sun, without sunscreen, and with tanning oil on. Bad news bears. With 1 in 5 Americans getting skin cancer, very bad news bears.

I grew up and now I stay out of the sun, and try to mitigate the damage that was already done by tanning so much in college, and hanging out by the pool at Arizona State University. I’m thankful that I’ve become an ambassador for a mineral sunscreen company that also makes some after-sun care and a sun-repair line that I’ve been using – all from Goddess Garden.

Are you confused about sun care? Check out Delicious Living’s article about choosing the right sunscreen – including mineral sunscreen, like Goddess Garden. If you’re looking for mineral-based sunscreen, they have it in lotion and continuous spray format. They also offer sport (waterproof) and kids products.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen and Sun Repair

But what if you forget to reapply? When I went to Hawaii, I applied sunscreen properly and forgot to reapply because I was having too much fun. And you know what I came home from Hawaii with? A massive sunburn. If you’ve been burned before, get prepared for next time. Goddess Garden just launched their After-Sun Gel – with aloe vera and tea tree oil and a little bit of lavender. And like every day, I’d finish it off with the Day Undone Sun Repair Oil. While I can’t wait to use these products, I’d prefer not getting toasted by the sun ever again!

I love being an ambassador for Goddess Garden and a blogger for the New Hope Network (they’re the one providing the details about sunscreen), I hope that you get a chance to learn more about sunscreen and after-sun care this summer!

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