Beyond Celiac – Beyond Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2018

Celiac Disease Awareness Month with Beyond Celiac

This post is brought to you by Beyond Celiac. I am a proud supporter of Beyond Celiac and want to share my blog to spread their message! 

Celiac Disease is a Monster

If you have celiac disease, you know it’s a monster. Its legions are some of the most common foods in the modern diet. Its secret weapon is gluten, a protein in wheat, barley and rye. The effects can be devastating: Anemia, anxiety, infertility, poor nutrient absorption, osteoporosis, increased risk of diabetes and cancer. It’s time we mount a counter attack. The strategy is simple. We will learn the secrets of celiac disease and use the information to defeat it. You have a story to tell that could hold the clues to a cure! Your story, along with the stories of thousands like you of what it’s like to live with celiac disease will help us tame it, treat it, and eventually cure it. Join us at Sign up and complete the surveys. Every story will bring us closer to a cure.



Beyond May and Celiac Awareness Month

There are so many things you can do with Beyond Celiac this month AND BEYOND.

Just because it’s June soon doesn’t mean you get to stop being celiac, so why would you stop advocating for celiac disease, awareness, and research? 


So what can WE do? We can give our hard earned gluten-free dollars to celiac and gluten-free non-profits that make a difference. Click here to donate to Beyond Celiac and celiac disease research.


Lastly, support bloggers that support celiac non-profits with their time, their energy, and their donations!

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