I Won! Thank You 2019 Gluten Free Buyers Guide!

Thank you to Josh and the team at Gluten Free Buyers Guide, and to YOU, my readers, who voted for me for BEST BOOK, BEST BLOGGER, and BEST WEBSITE. The 2019 Gluten Free Buyers Guide is available for FREE on Amazon 11/15-11/18 – so visit my Amazon affiliate link to read it for free!

I’m happy to say that I took 3rd place for best gluten-free website – which is awesome because I thought I’d just be a runner up for all of these awards. The competition was stiff with INCREDIBLE people who have been dedicating their lives to celiac disease as well. THANK YOU for even thinking of voting for me!

What exactly IS the Gluten Free Buyers Guide? Here’s how Josh, the creator of the guide, describes what’s in the guide and why you should read it EVERY year!

Have you been told to go on a gluten free diet? Afraid the gluten free food you find will taste terrible and cost you a small fortune? You can start shopping like a seasoned pro utilizing the Gluten Free Buyers Guide. Each year, best-selling gluten free Author Josh Schieffer, has nearly ten thousand people vote for their favorite gluten free products in over fifty categories. How does it work? Each year brands register their gluten free products to be listed in the buyer’s guide. Once registered, Josh opens voting to the gluten free community. When voting is over, Josh and his team carefully arrange each category, so the top three winning products are highlighted. Not sure how you will find these products in your store? Each winning product will have their product packaging included so you will know what to look for when browsing the grocery aisles or filling your online shopping cart.

In this book you will find:

The best gluten free products in categories like: Bread, Beer, Pasta, Cookies, Munchies, Frozen Meals, Pizza, Flour and so much more.

Recipes from some of the most influential gluten free chefs and bloggers.

Tricks and tips from world travelers and busy moms.

We know the gluten free lifestyle can be a difficult transition. Don’t waste your time and money experimenting with terrible gluten free products. Use the advice of a few thousand people with just one book. Buy the 2019 Gluten Free Buyers Guide now and have it ready for your next trip to the store.

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  1. Allergy Superheroes December 6, 2018 at 10:09 am Reply

    Congratulations on your well-deserved website!!

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