Canyon Bakehouse English Muffins

FORK IT! No, I didn’t meant to say a swear word, like The Good Place. Just fork it is my favorite phrase to use about these brand new English Muffins from Canyon Bakehouse.

#CATBApproved Canyon Bakehouse NEW English Muffins

I know that the gluten-free community has had other english muffin options for years now. I know, because I’ve tried them all. But there’s just something about these new launches from Canyon Bakehouse that wow me. These english muffins are fluffy on the inside and lightly crunchy on the outside. For best results and maximum nook and crannies, JUST FORK IT.

Canyon Bakehouse English Muffins

Canyon Bakehouse english muffins are a new innovation in bread, and one of Canyon’s best launches (IMHO). They offer two different english muffins:

  • Original English Muffins – available in a 5-pack in regular packaging
  • Honey Whole Grain English Muffins – available in a four-pack in their Stay Fresh Packaging

Both english muffin varieties are tasty, but I prefer the original. I know, I might sound lame picking the original kind, but that allows me more variety in my muffins. I think the original allows for both sweet and savory options. Now, the honey isn’t overly sweet, but it has sunflower seeds to make it more hearty, and I prefer it as a peanut butter (or SunButter) and jelly option (which is what I have for breakfast 70% of the time).

Canyon Bakehouse English Muffins

Because of the different packaging, you may have a different store experience for finding each one. The Stay Fresh packaging for the Honey Whole Grain can be shelf-stable, and might be found on shelves where other gluten-free products are, not in the refrigerated section. Your store (like my Sprouts below), may only carry one SKU and not the other. My grocery stores in Phoenix are such a mixed bag – some carry them with the rest of the frozen bread. Some carry frozen gluten-free bread, but put the Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free bread (regardless of packaging) in the refrigerated section. As you know, shopping gluten-free is like a super fun game* every time you want to find a product.

*not super fun or a game at all.

Canyon Bakehouse English Muffins at Sprouts

You’ll also notice that my store above (Sprouts) sells them for $6.99. However, Canyon Bakehouse sells each variety for $5.00 on their website. It’s so easy too buy them online, and Canyon Bakehouse often runs sales online, including free shipping. I have so many people write in and complain about their stores stocking Canyon Bakehouse products and I tell them to just order online! At least online you can get ALL of their products, at reasonable prices (unlike my Sprouts above), and again – they are often on special. You’ll want to sign up for their email list to make sure you take advantage of all of their sales (it’s found at the bottom of their website). If you’re not a fan of ordering online (like my mom – sorry mom), you can visit their retailer page, and get a request form or contact your store directly to ask them to carry each product.

For your next breakfast plate, I definitely recommend Canyon Bakehouse’s new English Muffins. 

#CATBbook 5th year anniversary

I can’t thank Canyon Bakehouse enough for being a sponsor of Celiac and the Beast, most recently for my 5th anniversary of Celiac and the Beast, the book. Without sponsors like Canyon Bakehouse, I wouldn’t be able to keep writing, traveling across the country talking about my book and advocating for celiac disease awareness. Thank you!

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Comments: 4

  1. Nicole Dawson February 4, 2019 at 9:28 am Reply

    We really like these english muffins too…even the kids which says a lot.

  2. Kortney February 4, 2019 at 9:43 am Reply

    That’s pretty awesome that they have options like the coupons to make these less of a wallet emptier. That’s always what I find the most challenging when it comes to free from foods, they just drain my bank account. Way to go Canyon Bakehouse for making things more inclusive!

    Have you made an egg mcmuffin yet? ;P

  3. Jules Shepard February 4, 2019 at 1:31 pm Reply

    Great product! I tend to lean away from honey breads…not sure why, but would happily eat either of these!

  4. Pam April 9, 2019 at 6:40 pm Reply

    These are life changing! I make egg & cheese or bacon egg & cheese sandwiches on these almost everyday 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Now if I could only find the rye style bread in stores

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