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Erica standing in front of a 9 Meters Biopharma poster at American College of Gastroenterology conference 2021

Celiac Disease Clinical Trials and Celiac Disease Research Studies

I’ve written about the importance of clinical trials in celiac disease research before. Clinical trials are absolutely necessary for the… Continue reading »

Tune into the Beyond Celiac Research Symposium 2018

Learn the latest developments in research and treatment by tuning in to a live webcast of the Second Annual Beyond… Continue reading »

Step Beyond Celiac KC5K Step and Repeat

Donate to KC5K Beyond Celiac

If you’ve been following Celiac and the Beast for a while, first off – thank you. But if you’ve been… Continue reading »


Pay It Forward With Celiac Disease Research

Celiac research. I promise, it’s a thing. While you may think that doctors just diagnose you and go along living… Continue reading »

Go Beyond Celiac

Go Beyond Celiac Digital Community

I was a part of something really magical in 2015, but it took me this long to tell you about… Continue reading »