Celiac Disease Awareness Month: Pay It Forward With Celiac Research

Celiac research. I promise, it’s a thing. While you may think that doctors just diagnose you and go along living their life without thinking about celiac – it’s just not true. There are so many amazing gluten-free specialists/celiac specialists/digestive disease specialists that are working hard for celiac research. I know, because I interact with them regularly. I attend the annual digestive disease week for medical professionals (even though I’ve only been a doctor for Halloween). These doctors are my heroes, my celebrities, the people I want a picture with to post on Instagram. These are the movers and the shakers making it happen. But, celiac research is also about you.

Celiac Research? Tell Me More

What does that mean – celiac research. Well, they’re researching for a cure. Or at least a pharmaceutical intervention that can help our lives become a lot easier, and a lot safer.

They’re also working towards figuring out just what causes celiac, who is genetically more pre-disposed to celiac in certain populations, celiac risk factors, etc. There’s research abstracts out on the regular about this disease, and even though we are completely underfunded by the NIH, compared to other diseases, there is such hard work happening right now for celiac disease.


Paying It Forward

But how can YOU help? How can you do something in the meantime while clinical trials are going on, while research is happening every year behind the scenes?

Be that celiac that pays it forward to the next generation for those with celiac. 


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