Gluten-Free Travel: Our Weekend in Sonoita, AZ

Last week, Non-GFBF and I went to redeem a Local First Arizona gift package for Arizona wine country. The highlight of the trip was going to my favorite winery, Dos Cabezas WineWorks. Since going gluten-free, I’ve had such a big appreciation for wine. Thank you, grapes – for not being wheat.

Seriously, Arizona has amazing wine country and a handful of amazing vineyards in the Sonoita/Elgin part of the state. It’s about 50-60 minutes south of Tucson. It’s grassland, totally different looking than the rest of the state.

Needless to say, we had a great time at the vineyards!

Included in our package was a stay at the Dusquesne House in Patagonia. Patagonia is a very VERY small town, about 15 minutes away from Sonoita and Elgin (where the wineries are). They’ve got an adorable little town – a few small streets and shops, including two very gluten-free-friendly ones! There is a raw organic shop walking distance from our B&B, as well as Red Mountain Foods – a small grocery store that had more gluten-free things than I had ever imagined from a small town. There were things stocked at that store that I haven’t seen at Whole Foods or Sprouts in the major city of Phoenix! That is a MUST go if you’re in the area. There’s also a regular market/gas station, the infamous Velvet Elvis restaurant, and a few places that could be modified gluten-free if requested. The townspeople knew more about that than I did, as we always eat at Canela bistro (that is very gluten-free-friendly) in Sonoita, but they are closed for the summer break.

So, we came to Duquesne House with a full grocery bag full of stuff to make food – as a Celiac, I am always prepared to not have edible food if I don’t bring my own. The first night we made grilled cheese sandwiches with Kinnikinnick bread (to be reviewed later) and Applegate Farms ham that we bought at Red Mountain Foods. When we checked in, the owners talked about breakfast, and I told her not to worry because I was a Celiac and we never really participate in B&B breakfasts. I am just so accustomed to making my own food everywhere, that I assume no one wants to (or knows how to) cook gluten free. I was wrong! According to a video on their website, they can accomodate vegan and vegetarians, but they also mentioned that they can accomodate other food allergies.

When I said that I wouldn’t be attending because I was a Celiac, she said that she had some Udi’s bread and could make us a gluten-free breakfast in the morning! Obviously, if you are a Celiac like myself, please tell the owners before you make the trip, so they can purchase enough gluten-free goods to make breakfast easily. She understood that our food had to be cooked with separate utensils, pans, etc. However, her kitchen is (obviously) not gluten free. So treat this like a knowledgeable friend cooking breakfast for you – a friend who really knows how to cook!

We started off with a gluten-free granola from the local market and a gluten-free greek yogurt with lots of fresh fruit. It was all topped with a flower. A+ for presentation!

Next up was eggs with basil. YUM! I didn’t check out the sausages because I just didn’t feel like a meaty breakfast, but I’m assuming that if you want a GF sausage for breakfast, you can ask!

Next up? Gluten-free french toast using Udi’s bread and gluten-free granola. It was topped with pecans and local honey. I could have died it was so yummy. Again, what a presentation!

Not only were the owners great and the food was amazing, the place is beautiful! The garden is swarming with birds – as Patagonia is a top birding destination for travelers. So. Amazing.

Seriously, get down to the Duquesne House in Patagonia and have a weekend get-away. But be sure to call them in advance to make sure that they can accomodate your GF breakfast. While you’re there, visit Dos Cabezas and all the great local wineries. Tell them Celiac and the Beast sent you – and maybe we’ll see you there one weekend!


Phone: (520) 394-2732


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