Best Green Smoothie Recipe Ever

Some times I just feel like I don’t get enough greens in the day. By 5pm today I was thinking about all I ate during the day and even though I had a salad for lunch (and a giant gluten-free pizza), I wasn’t feeling right. So, I decided to tackle one of my favorite green smoothies that I get as a treat (because it’s $9) at the natural cafe up the street.

Now, they have an intense blender that is professional grade. However, I only have a typical blender that you can get cheaply at Target. It’s not really meant for blending up greens – most everything I do in my blender leaves large chunks of kale floating in my smoothie. However, if you have an awesome blender (or if you don’t mind incredibly smooth smoothies), you have to try this recipe!

it's GREEN!

8-10oz of natural orange juice (I buy the Trader Joe’s freshly squeezed kind)

a cup full of ice

1 or 2 handfuls of spinach

1 or 2 handfuls of kale (doesn’t matter what kind you make it with – I just get whatever kind is readily available)

1 mango or handful of frozen mango slices if fresh is out of season (Fresh & Easy has the best kind IMHO)

Vanilla protein powder (not required)


I promise, there is something about the mango that blends everything together really well! And it’s got a great taste that doesn’t leave you feeling like you ate that much kale – unlike the other smoothies I’ve made!

Try it, you’ll love it!


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