RECAP: Gluten Free Calendar Phoenix Celebrate Celiac Night

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be one of the vendors involved with the Phoenix Celebrate Celiac day with This event was a pre-game fun hang time to the Phoenix Suns vs. the Houston Rockets game (we won, FYI).

Non-GFBF especially liked the free gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes that were part of the event! I know, it’s not the BEST dinner, but it tasted awesome!

We even gave away a CATB t-shirt to a lucky winner – although the name drawn was a guy and we donated a ladies’ shirt, but I hope someone enjoys the prize nonetheless.

I’m starting a new thing at all of my Expo booths – or at least the next few. I’m presenting to you some of “Erica’s Favorite Things” – which are all the things that I put on my top list of 2012 – including Attune Foods’ Erewhon cereal, Allermates, Taste Guru, Crave Bake Shop’s new mixes, and Red Apple Lipstick. I’ll be giving a way a box of products from these brands during the expo! All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list – it’s really that easy! Our lucky winner from the Celebrate Celiac Phoenix event was Erin B! Congrats Erin, you’re going to get an awesome goodie box!

Erica's Favorite Things

One of the best parts about these Celebrate Celiac events are the togetherness they create for the gluten-free community. We had a ton of friends there – Chandice from Gluten Free Frenzy, Ken Scheer from Rock a Healthy Lifestyle, Alysa from InspiredRD, Brandy Wendler Mrs. Northwest, and Kim from the Tucson CSA! I adore our GF community here, and I’m hoping that you can be a part of the community at the other Celebrate Celiac events across the country – find yours by looking at!



After the event, Brandy had a few days off and we were honored that royalty could stay with us (all I asked was to just wear the crown for a minute and really feel like a princess). The next day, I tried to make sure that she saw all the great gluten-free places that I love about Arizona. After some eggs from the allergy-friendly Over Easy in Arcadia, we hit up Nourish and sampled some awesome raw dishes!

I had the chicken tacos with brown rice tortillas and black bean hummus.

We also showed off our local farmer’s markets – including this stand that was all gluten-free from our friend at Jewel’s Cupcakes! We left with treat upon treat upon treat! I even took some pumpkin bread with me to Pittsburgh this week!

For dinner we went to Indulge Burgers and More. We had awesome GF burgers and baked celiac-friendly fries! YUM! Brandy and I even made a video about our time in Arizona – check out the awesome video here!

Our YouTube video

All in all, and awesome weekend! I hope your weekend was just as awesome as mine – even without a crown! Special thanks to Brandy! 🙂

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  1. Chandice March 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm Reply

    This is awesome, thanks girl!! We are so lucky to have you in our gfree and celiac community! 🙂 HUGS*

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