United Goes Gluten-Free…Did I Make It Happen?



The short answer is no, I most likely did not make the United/gluten-free thing happen.

It just so happens that I tweeted United before my SheKnows.com Disney Aulani trip to Hawaii about their lack of gluten-free options in their snack line-up. While they offered vegan things, they didn’t offer anything gluten-free. Clearly, I was unhappy, but – like most of us – I travel with an entire pantry in my bag anyways.

Complaining to United

Complaining to United

Then today I open my inbox and see that United has added a gluten-free snack bar to its snack line-up!


They’re taking out regular dressing and adding all gluten-free dressing to their premium cabin. Granted, I will never be able to afford to fly there, but that’s still awesome. Their snack boxes are now at least 1/2 gluten-free, which we know is not all there, but 1/2 is better than 0/2. They’re also offering a la carte gluten-free snack bar options.

What does this mean? Well, United, you’re forgiven for one. But ultimately it does mean that companies¬†do listen to the feedback we give them! While I may not have been the straw that burst the gluten-free camel’s back (or whatever that phrase is), I did make them think about gluten-free options for travelers. While you should always bring you own food with you while traveling, at least companies like United make it a little bit easier for people like us!

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  1. CJ February 28, 2014 at 10:53 am Reply

    I love it! Been packing my own food for all flying since i eas diagnosed. But i never thought to tweet the airline.

    Have to say Ireland’s airlune has been most charming though. They served ne all their fresh fruit for AM meal in apology for otherwise only having wheat rolls.

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