Walt Disney World: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom Review

I love Beauty and the Beast. In fact, that’s where my blog name came from! So, when I had a chance to go to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, I couldn’t help but freak out over anything Belle themed! King Gluten Free also digs this fantastic movie and recommended we check out the castle (which is actually the restaurant “Be Our Guest”). After walking around the entire Magic Kingdom, we worked up a hunger that only theme-park food could fulfill.

Be Our Guest Disney World

I had heard that all of the park’s sit-down restaurants offered a great food-allergy friendly menu or off-menu offerings. We went right around 11am to beat the lunch rush – highly recommended. We still had a bit of a wait before we got into the room with all of the touch screens. Each touch screen was allocated to one party. You could add as many entrees, sides, and drinks as you needed on one bill (paid by Magic Band). Anyone ordering can easily access the allergen menu, that allows you to choose from the top 8 allergens. While they do not offer a straight “gluten” selection, they do have “wheat” – which I am understood is the same thing to the kitchen.

Be Our Guest Disney World

Seriously, this is pretty cool!

Be Our Guest Disney World

After we chose our results, the menu screen verified that we had a special order.

Be Our Guest Disney World

Jordan from King Gluten Free had been here before and basically validated everything on the menu. Since he’s a pro, I relied on him. However, if it was my first time – I would have asked to see the manager to verify everything (because we love being paranoid as celiacs).

Be Our Guest Disney World

I ordered a turkey breast sandwich with arugula and mayo on Udi’s Millet chia bread. Jordan had the braised pork. Both entrees came out and looked delicious! My sandwich specifically had the allergen labeled sticks through my bread. I couldn’t have the dessert since it had milk, but Jordan assured me that the puff pastry was pretty great. And between the two of us it was only $40.00. I was expecting much more for a sit-down lunch at the park. Granted, we ordered from a machine and not a waiter, and we got sandwiches instead of exquisite three-course meals – but I thought it was still a steal on Disney properties.

Be Our Guest Disney World Be Our Guest Disney World Be Our Guest Disney World

I would highly recommend Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch and I would love to try it out for Dinner! For a better review of their dinner service, visit my girl Alexis and her blog Gluten Free in Orlando.

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  1. Alexis (GF in Orlando) November 29, 2014 at 10:32 am Reply

    Thanks for the shout out! I love having lunch at Be Our Guest. The braised pork is amazing!

  2. Laurie November 30, 2014 at 4:39 pm Reply

    This is great! My husband and I love how easy it is for him to steal eat food at Walt Disney parks (with the exception of Disneyland Paris – to them, Celiac is not a thing).

    • Laurie November 30, 2014 at 4:39 pm Reply

      That should say “STILL eat food”. Not “steal” it. We pay for our meals, promise!

  3. Freederk August 17, 2015 at 8:10 am Reply

    just found out i have this , my mother got colon cancer because of untreated celiacs disease , it is no joke , but i am glad i know i have it , i was depressed and did not have a normal bowel movement for a year , then i started to feel like i would vomit after each time i ate , in two days of not eating gulten i was almost back to normal , thank god i found out , hope this helps

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