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Went I recently went to Dallas to visit Pizza Hut corporate for the big gluten-free pizza launch, I was taken to Lyfe Kitchen for a blogger dinner (that was compensated by the PR firm). I was so impressed with the cuisine that I decided to write about it for anyone who visits Dallas (or any of the other locations in CA, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago and Manhattan).

To start, we ordered a ton of appetizers, but my favorite had to be the grilled artichokes, which I made vegan with a delicious vegan kale aioli. I could have had 6 plates of those.

For dinner I got the kale Caesar salad made vegan. It was so easy to find subs for anything I wanted! How I’ve missed Caesar salads since I’ve gone dairy-free and (sadly) now egg-free. If there was a Lyfe Kitchen near me, I would get this salad to-go for lunch regularly. Okay, maybe every day.

We also had vegan desserts called budinos – basically puddings made with chia seeds – and I could have had a vat of that alone. Do you see a theme here? I left not feeling like I had overindulged, still felt good about my choices, and thought they were delicious enough to eat again.

When the manager came out, he talked to us about how dedicated the company is to serving the gluten-free community. He took great pride in how they cared for cross contamination and keeping his customers from getting sick.

Besides their vast gluten-free and vegan offerings, they also had great wine offerings too. I would love to see this come to Phoenix, although it’d face some pretty tough competition with True Food Kitchen (one of my favorite places to eat).

TO SEE THE FULL MENU, CLICK HERE: http://www.lyfekitchen.com/menu/full-menu/

Lyfe Kitchen Dallas Gluten Free Celiac

Lyfe Kitchen Dallas

If you’re going to Dallas, TX (or any of the other locations of Lyfe Kitchen), I recommend you stop in and take a look at their gluten-free menu.

TO VISIT LYFE KITCHEN’S WEBSITE CLICK HERE: http://www.lyfekitchen.com/tx/preston-center

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  1. Alexis L February 9, 2015 at 10:10 am Reply

    There’s one is Chicago, and I’m a regular there 🙂 So many delicious healthy options. Plus, it’s really kid-friendly.

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