#DineGF: Celiacs, PF Chang’s & Supporting Those Who Support Us


My good friend K.C. from G-Free Foodie started a campaign on February 7th called #DineGF. I’m participating and dining out during the campaign and posting my great experiences on social media. Here’s more details about the campaign from K.C. G-Free Foodie:


“I got upset when I read that P.F. Chang’s was being sued for charging $1 more for their certified Gluten Free Menu options. I’ll GLADLY pay more than that for safe GF food when dining out with friends and family – and because I’ve worked in the Food & Wine industry for almost two decades (am I that old?!?) I know what it costs for restaurants to segregate ingredients, cooking utensils and kitchen space in addition to staff training, labeling, menu space and other hurdles to safely serve Gluten Free diners.

I want MORE restaurants to take GF – and all allergen free diners – seriously, and to see that is worth doing business with us, because we are repeat guests that bring others with us. I want to ENCOURAGE restaurants to get GF Certified and sell me food.

I’m encouraging each of you to #DINEGF sometime between Feburary 7-15th, 2015 and post photos of yourself, your food, your friends or whatever you want with the hashtag #DINEGF. I’ll be hitting P.F. Chang’s for sure, and a few of my other favorite spots that do GF right. Let’s encourage restaurants to work with us by working with them.”

I also encourage you to dine at safe places that support gluten-free diners safely. I will gladly pay an upcharge for restaurants that do it right and try their absolute hardest to keep us safe. Every time a celiac leaves the house, they have to mitigate the risks of dining out. The best we can do is support those restaurants that keep us as safe as possible.


I mean, besides being a total badass and organizing this whole #DineGF campaign, she’s also putting up $200 of her own GF cash to send gift cards to the best #DINEGF posts that she sees during the campaign. Be sure to tag @gfreefoodie and use #DINEGF on your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook posts to enter. She even has a Rafflecopter entry form to win two Love With Food by G-Free Foodie boxes of her favorite goods. Follow the terms and conditions of the Rafflecopter to win with #DineGF! Find the Rafflecopter HERE: http://www.gfreefoodie.com/dinegf-feb-7-15th-to-support-restaurants-that-serve-safe-gluten-free-options-kc-the-g-free-foodie/

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