Expo West 2015: What is #CATBapproved?



What am I even doing at Expo West this year?

    • Looking for brands to earn the #CATBapproved seal of approval
    • Looking for the newest, hottest products that are gluten-free
    • Looking for future advertisers and sponsors of Celiac and the Beast and My Life With Food Allergies (if you’re a reader – that means more giveaways and excitement for you – and my ability to actually keep this website open, free, and thriving for my readers!)
    • Reporting back to CeliacandtheBeast.com, GlutenFreeandMore.com, MyLifeWithFoodAllergies.com, and the WeBlog team for Natural Products Expo West – run by NewHope360.com and Delicious Living.

My Life With Food Allergies

What am I looking for at Expo West? 

  • Gluten-Free. But not just gluten-free, I’m looking for certified gluten-free products from brands with good manufacturing processes that understand how to work with celiac customers
  • Food allergy-friendly brands. I have a lot of readers with additional sensitivities and food allergies. Tell me what you’re free from and about your manufacturing processes.
  • Organic, if possible and non-GMO if possible.
  • Something new. We’ve all seen the same things year after year at Expo West. Give me something new.
  • Give me something vegan. I’m also dairy-free and egg-free (unless baked, but preferable to no egg used at all). I hate not being able to eat dairy and eggs anymore, but there are a lot of people like me.
  • Beef-free products. I can’t have beef anymore and haven’t had it for longer than I haven’t had gluten. Please stop putting beef into things that it doesn’t belong in, and when you make a killer paleo product, please consider making turkey versions of it too!
  • Not just food! I am a regular gal outside of being a celiac, so I’m looking for eco-friendly, natural products in the home – as well as bath & beauty products that are gluten-free (for my sensitive celiac skin).
Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo West

What is #CATBapproved? 

I wanted to be able to have a seal of approval for the items I liked. I find products all the time and write about them after every show, but there’s nothing that I can physically give to a vendor to show that they have won me over. This year, special brands and products will receive a sticker to place on their product to show that they are champions of the industry. This product tastes good, fits my good manufacturing preferences (GFCO/CSA/NFCA tested and/or certified), and something that I would buy with my own money if I saw it on the store shelves (which is huge for a food blogger that gets free shipments of products to taste pretty much daily.

You’ll see what products I’ve given this seal of approval to via my social media – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Who are the other WeBlog team members we should be looking out for on the show floor? 

  • One of my BFGFFs – The GF Jules ’nuff said
  • Sarah Kay Hoffman – you may remember her delicious nut butter on my CATB holiday guide!
  • Rachel from Mommy Greenest – a ShiftCon member and one to watch for eco-friendly products
  • Lindsay from Fit & Awesome. You may remember her from our fun last year on WeBlog!
  • Jennifer from Gluten Free Go-To Guide – a GFF that I finally got to meet at FACCWDW!
  • Jackie from My Vegan Journal. Follow her for all things vegan!
  • Whitney aka Eco Vegan Gal. You probably know her because she’s a celeb in the vegan universe, but she’s awesome!
  • Brandon from the Health Crunch. He’s a dude, so look for him for dude-centric things. NOT nail polish 🙂

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  1. Lindsay @ Fit & Awesome March 3, 2015 at 11:56 am Reply

    Great list! I am looking forward to seeing you at the show!

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