Glutino Vanilla Creme Cookies Creations

Glutino Vanilla Creme Cookies Creations + Chocolate Chip Cookies + Brownies = Winner

Cookie inside a Cookie inside a Brownie

I’ve been thinking about names for this, perhaps the FauxreoChipNie (Faux Oreo Chocolate Chip Brownie), but I think perhaps Sugar Monsters are better names. But I’ll just settle on Glutino Vanilla Creme Cookies Creations. Yes, this is quite the dessert. Like the TurDuckEn – a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey for Thanksgiving – this is an epic thing inside a thing inside a thing creation. This is the perfect reward for any mom sending their kid back to school (along with a few glasses of wine), the kid that is celebrating his or her first day in school, or a cat mom like me just celebrating another day of keeping my sanity.

You’ll need these Glutino products – in store or at’s online shop:

Glutino Brownie Mix

Glutino Chocolate Chip Mix

Glutino Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies

Contains egg.

Now, I’ll admit that I created these using a different homemade mix for chocolate chips, and an Enjoy Life Foods brownie mix. Like you, I like to use up everything in my pantry before heading out to the grocery store, but if you’re out shopping for this, you’ll find all of these products in the same few gluten-free-friendly aisles.

Cookie inside a Cookie inside a Brownie

Just mix up your chocolate chip cookie mix as stated on the box or bag purchased. Wrap the Glutino Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies with a thin layer of cookie dough. These can become huge if you let them. If you want to make these without the brownie layer, feel free to make them as big as you’d like, but you’ve got to fit these monsters inside brownie batter!

Cookie inside a Cookie inside a Brownie

Once I was done, I put the cookies-inside-cookies into the fridge while I worked on the brownie mix. You have a few options for creating these. I made several in a brownie pan, but if you want to make individual creme cookie creations, you’re going to have to get a bigger boat (to quote Jaws). I was originally going to make them in muffin pans but these are too big, so I upgraded to a mini pie tin. It fit perfectly.

I baked to the brownie’s specifications, which were longer than the cookie’s specifications. Always check for doneness in the brownie before taking out of the oven and letting sit until cooled.

Now what I want to try next is baking the cookie inside of the cookie, and then baking inside of the brownie once the cookie is done. I wonder if that will make a difference? I’m no baker, I’m just a girl looking to shove as many sweet baked goods into her mouth as possible. If you’ve tried it, comment below!

Cookie inside a Cookie inside a Brownie

Look for more yummy creations from Glutino and Celiac and the Beast soon! To see another amazing creation, check out Gluten Free Frenzy’s Glutino Gluten Free Frosted Animal Cracker recipe here!

**DISCLAIMER: I consistently receive products from Boulder Brands (Udi’s/Glutino) and often post about their products. While I do not receive compensation, I do receive free product. This does not influence my need to create random cookie creations with their products.**


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