Pascha Chocolate #BackToSchool Giveaway

Celiac and the Beast recently went back to school, CHOCOLATE SCHOOL that is, with Pascha Chocolate, one of our regular sponsors. They recently launched their individually-wrapped mini-bars that are perfect for school lunches, and also for the upcoming Halloween festivities and goodie bags!

They’re available in 55%, 70% and 85% cacao individually wrapped mini-bars and you can purchase them ONLINE IN THE PASCHA STORE HERE. Because they’re wrapped individually, and in a resealable bag, the chocolate stays fresh, and regardless if you are a kid or an adult – you can keep portions reasonable. They are wrapped and easy to store in your purse for cravings, or in your lunch box (adult OR kid lunch box – I should specify that these are not just for kids).

Pascha Chocolate

Pascha Chocolate

We’ve researched these chocolates long and hard. And by research, I mean we plowed through these three sample bags. I mean, we do it because we love our readers and want to give them the best, right? Right! So after “research” here are some key flavor pairings we’ve found to make these spectacular chocolates even better! Make sure to add them in the order in which they appear – often making mini sandwiches out of the Pascha Chocolate mini-bars!

Chocolate + Dandies Mini Marshmallows + Chocolate 

Schar Honeygram + Chocolate + Dandies Mini Marshmallows + Chocolate + Schar Honeygram (heated) 

Chocolate + SunButter + Chocolate

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Chocolate + Banana slice + Chocolate

Strawberries + Chocolate (heated) 

Chocolate + JJ’s Cocomels Harvest Spice or Mexican Hot Chocolate + Chocolate

JJ's Sweets' Cocomels

Apple + JJ’s Cocomels Coconut Palm Sugar + Chocolate (heated)

Chocolate Chip Cookie + Chocolate + Chocolate Chip Cookie

Apple + Chocolate (heated)

Or, of course, you could always just eat them plain. Because they’re made out of such high-quality cacao, the flavor is rich and indulgent without being overloaded with unnecessary ingredients. To learn more about what Pascha does NOT put into their chocolate, check out their chocolate philosophy HERE!


Would like you win these mini-bars yourself? They would make an excellent addition to your lunchbox – even if you don’t have kids and pack your lunch for the corporate jungle instead! Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below – be sure to follow all of the terms and conditions!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Purchase these Pascha Chocolate Mini Bars in their online store here!

**Disclaimer: Pascha is a consistently paid sponsor of Celiac and the Beast – but I loved them before I even was a paid endorser and will continue to promote this amazing product. Believe in Pascha and believe in the people behind this amazing allergen-friendly chocolate – I sure do!**

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